New Do!


I just got back from a 3 HOUR hair appointment. Oy! Color, lowlights and a cut.

Now, I’ve never been one to do anything drastic to my hair. I’ve usually kept it pretty long and straight. I like no fuss and no muss. I wear it straight, mostly. When I want a change, I break out the steam rollers. I’ve worn it long pretty much my whole life – except for a phase in my twenties where I chopped it pretty short.

Turns out, when some of the length came off, I do have a nice bit of natural curl to this boring hair of mine.

Today – we took off 3 inches (!!!) and.. I have bangs. Yike! I haven’t had bangs since high school. So, here they are….. bangs:


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17 thoughts on “New Do!”

  1. Wootwoo! You look amazing! Now you know you have to change out your blog pic, this one really is so much more sophisticated!!

    (And you reminded me I have to find another 3-4 hours somewhere to get mine done in the next 6 days. pfft!)

  2. It’s you, but not you. Wait a minute … bangs? I have bangs! You’re not stalking me, too, are you? I have enough stalkers!! GAH! *must change phone numbers*


  3. Jeanette – – How did you know that my bangs were all about YOU??

    My secret is out!

    I have been stalking you – and if you look out your front window – you’ll see me, and my bangs, digging through your garbage can 😉

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