Nervous About Flying.. Me?


So, yea… in about 9 hours, I’ll be on a plane headed towards Austin to do my part at SXSW Interactive. If you’ve been reading me for any amount of time, you all know that I would rather peel my fingernails off and dip my fingers in salt water than get on a plane and fly anywhere.

Somehow, I manage. I think it’s the 3 Benadryl’s with a Martini chaser that gets me through.

As nervous as I am about flying, I’m excited and really looking forward to this thing. I get to buy a round of drinks for Peter, Paul, Joelle and Suzie – – I’m really looking forward to meeting all of them, as I droll over admire all of their work.

Speaking of droling – as an extra added BONUS – Wench is headed down to Austin to come party with me on Saturday night – – martini’s and karaoke for everyone! That is, if she has forgiven me for not calling her yet. I swear, I’ll call you when I get settled into my hotel tomorrow (around 2-3pm CST!)

Of course, because I have big plans this weekend for SXSW – anything and everything that could have gone wrong this week, leading up to this trip, did and has. I can’t go into specifics on it – because it’s classified information . . needless to say, I’ve had an absolute week from hell and none of it had to do even remotely with work.

So, I’m off! I think they have the entire city of Austin set up with WiFi for this conference – and I will be available via email and Yahoo IM, for those so inclined. Hosting support issues should, of course, go through our Support Center – which is fully staffed and I happen to have the next 4 days off from! (yeehaw! <--how Texan of me) - - and design inquiries and orders will be handled via email from Austin. I'm electronically connected. I'm packed. I'm psyched. Austin or BUST!

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  1. Good luck at the conference and have fun! I’ll be flying to Florida tomorrow so mebbe we can wave as our planes pass each other *chuckle*

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