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Did Comets Make Life on Earth Possible?

An ambitious new NASA research project aims to answer perhaps the most vexing and profound of scientific mysteries: How did life on Earth begin?


Most scientists have long believed that life on Earth began as a “primordial soup” in a lake or pond some four billion years ago. According to this theory, chemicals from the atmosphere combined with some form of energy necessary to make amino acids—the building blocks of proteins—to create the first primitive organisms, kicking off the evolution of Earth’s species.

But the primordial soup theory is being increasingly disputed. Many geophysicists now say the Earth did not have enough gases, like ammonia and methane, from which organic material like amino acids could be produced.

Instead, a growing cadre of scientists believes the organic material needed to create life may not have been produced on Earth, but was instead brought here by comets. The newly formed Earth was likely subjected to a fierce bombardment of comets four billion years ago. These comets may have brought with them the organic compounds that later evolved into living matter.

According to the most radical theory, known as “panspermia,” life in a ready-made form is ubiquitous in the galaxy and is brought by comets to new planets. Few scientists subscribe to this hypothesis, however.

Perhaps the main question is whether organic molecules can survive space travel or if they break up and contribute the atoms that are necessary to ultimately make biological material and water?

I find this to be utterly interesting and will be following any and all reports on this study with the same rapt attention that Helen Thomas gives to bashing the President.

Although, any reports and scientific finding that come from this study will be greatly debated by the theologians of the world. Of course! Such theory directly opposes the theory of creation and the beginning of life on earth as god’s work. However, it is this sort of tangible hard facts that I look for. A single book passed down through the centuries – – translated umpteen million times by men from different societies with differing agendas isn’t something that I am going to lay my bets on.

Science is tangible. I can feel it — touch it…reason it and understand it. I have faith in science. I can not have faith in the absurd idea of some supernatural, all powerful, all knowing supreme entity that controls and rules the heavens. My brain can’t wrap around tall tales told by men in robes as the last word on the evolution of this planet, and the life therein.

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  1. There is a radio show I listen to at night called Coast to Coast AM. They have guests on that talk about aliens and ghost etc. Sometimes they have scientists that talk about more mainstream theories about the universe and life on this planet. They’re going to have a guest on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning that will talk about origins of life on this planet. I don’t know how crazy his ideas are, but if you’re up late that night you might want to listen. They have an affiliates list on their website if you want to find a station.

  2. Thanks, Hugh. I find the ghosts and aliens thing interesting in an entertaining sorta way – – but I’d be interested to hear the scientists. 🙂 I’ll look ’em up.

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