My Impulsivity


I really shouldn’t be so impulsive.

I decided I needed a change in hair color. So instead of investigating it and going to Jenny, my hair dresser – – I got wild and stupid idea to do it myself. I hope this isn’t the mistake I’m thinking it might be.

I’m blonde. The change I’m going for isn’t too awful drastic — I’m going from a light ashen blonde to a strawberry blonde.

Ok – you male-types can stop reading now – – I can sense your utter confusion and hear your snoring from here, ok?

I’m sitting here blogging with my hair all gooped up in a pile on top of my head and have ten more minutes to go for this stuff to develop.

I’m going to turn into a total redhead at this point, I fear.

Why didn’t anyone stop me? Huh??

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2 thoughts on “My Impulsivity”

  1. Every chick needs to be a redhead for at least a little while.

    My hair is naturaly medium brown. Have been dark auburn/deep red. Nice for a change.

    Though mine tends to get red/brassy even with brown hair color as it wears out.

    I really like Wella’s line for color protectant – they’re in red bottles – found at Ulta. Not too pricey – I think $11/$13 for the shampoo, which is really thick and after over a month still haven’t used all that much.

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