My Backyard Ice Rink


Ever sit around and wonder to yourself . . . “Hmmm . . I wonder what happens when it rains a lot in Wisconsin in January??”

Yep . . . your very own nice, solid ice rink in your backyard . . .

Here ya go – –

Backyard Ice Rink

Backyard Ice Rink

That’s frozen solid. Ice skating anyone?

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24 thoughts on “My Backyard Ice Rink”

  1. 🙄 I know it STINKS, because I live up north in Rhinelander. Ha-Ha! At least it gives me the perfect excuse to work on my business, since it’s way too frozen, cold and yukky to do anything else.:!:

  2. Lisa- I watch for your weather reports because usually MI gets your conditions within 48 hours. What a mess! This has been the oddest week in a long time. Are your trees (schrubs) going to make it? We have flood warnings in our area. The rivers are up!

  3. Pam – they’re little evergreens – and I hope they’ll make it! It’s still frozen solid down there .. poor little things.

    How’s the weather up in MN?

  4. I miss the midwest..goofy weather and all. We had 70 and balmy yesterday and 18 today. But no snow yet this year..hmmph. And our skiing is nil this season, too.

  5. Weather is flipping cold! I don’t mind cold, but waking up and running out to start the truck because it’s 15 below before I hop into the shower is just no good! At least I’ve chipped most of the ice off the deck, at least the new deck.

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