American Girl Posse

May 3, 2007 * 6 Comments

I just picked up the new Tori Amos album, American Girl Posse and am playing it as I type. I’m so excited – I haven’t had new Tori music since The Beekeeper! The girl simply fascinates me..she has ever since Under The Pink released back in 1994. Here’s a snippet of her interview she did with the Toronto Star: Q What compelled you to explore this idea of the “dismembered feminine?” A The female types in Christianity – from the point of view of the minister’s daughter – were amputated: mother Mary not having her sexuality and Magdalene not having […]

Weekends Are Too Short

April 23, 2007 * 4 Comments

Is it just me – or do weekends seem to be getting shorter and shorter? Same amount of days and hours . . . I think it’s a cosmic trick, though, because this past weekend just flew by so fast! First – the Christina Aguilera concert on Friday was fabulous! Not only can that girl sing…but she is a fantastic performer! The opening act was The Pussycat Dolls and I was pleasantly surprised with their show – it was pretty damned good, too. Lots of T and A in the show .. which is to be expected with those two […]

24 Hours Off

April 20, 2007 * 4 Comments

That’s it! We are officially off work as of this minute. I’m sitting here with hot rollers in my hair, getting ready to head down to Milwaukee to see Christina Aguilera in concert – – I bought the tickets a few months back as a birthday present for Chris (even though his birthday isn’t until May). The opening act is the PussyCat Dolls – – now you see why it was HIS birthday present and not mine? Heh! We booked at room at the Hyatt and don’t plan on coming home until tomorrow afternoon. Yea – 24 hours is about […]

Lady Lumps Redone

April 12, 2007 * 2 Comments

Needless to say – my deadlines are killing me….so, not much blogging to be done here lately. Instead, I leave this video for you to be entertained with, if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s Alanis Morisette doing “Lady Lumps” (originally done by the Black Eyed Peas). She appplies her incredible voice and talent to some lyrics that are…well, not so much. Have you heard the original version from Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas? It’s got a great beat… but the lyrics are a tad empty.

Is it Monday already?

March 5, 2007 * 12 Comments

Actually, it is. I just looked at my clock and it’s officially 1:30am here. Why am I still up? Why am I ever . . . just because I don’t blog about insomnia, doesn’t mean its still not kicking my ass six ways ’till Sunday. I’ve pretty much resigned myself with the understanding that I shall sleep when I am dead. Really, why fight it anymore – it’s exhausting….and yet, not exhausting ENOUGH! Heh. It does leave me wondering what life would be like if I had a normal sleep pattern. Would it be different? Would I see the world […]

Head above water

February 18, 2007 * 7 Comments

Been awhile since I posted – and yes, I am still alive. The book is going really well and I’m up against my second hard deadline coming up on March 1st. On that date, the book will be officially 50% complete… so I”m getting there. This project is taking way more of my time than I initially thought it would, so that’s why you’re not seeing me here much of late.. but I do appreciate the emails asking if I’m still upright and breathing. I’m here to say that I am. 🙂 Some exciting news – I gave Chris an […]

New Music Break

January 29, 2007 * 13 Comments

It seems the only thing I’m blogging about these days is this book I’m writing – I’m sure it’s sounding boring. 🙂 Though, it is something that fills every day – especiallly as I approach some of the hard deadlines that I have set – – Thursday, Feb.1 is the first major deadline I have. This project is surely putting my New Years Resolution to stop procrastinating to the test, let me just say! While I’m writing, I have my iTunes on at all times, keeping the music flowing to soothe the savage beast. Between my music and my coffee […]

I'm A Wuss

December 5, 2006 * 3 Comments

Throughout my day, as I work – I usually have Yahoo LaunchCast playing. I flip through stations, but usually listen to “The Coffeehouse”. This one song gets played at least twice, or three times, during my day. I can’t stand it – – don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like the song. It’s a beautiful song, and that is an understatement. It’s beautifully written… and the music, soft.. haunting, sort of. His voice touches.. the edge of emotion in his voice as he sings . . I really hate to admit it – but I teared up […]

Some things just endure

November 20, 2006 * 6 Comments

Had to take Kid #1 to work tonight. Kid #2, my daughter, came along for the ride because I mentioned I was stopping at Pier 1 to browse.. she loves that store as much as I do. So, we drop him off at work… make a quick stop at Starbucks, which is totally mandantory, ya know? Starbucks it is… then we’re off to Pier 1. I have one of my favorite CD’s of ALL time (I have a lot of those) in the player and we’re jamming to great tunes. I’m feeling like I’m introducing my 15 year old daughter […]

Oh I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker ..

November 19, 2006 * 7 Comments

..In 77 and 69 revolution was in the air I was born too late and to a world that doesn’t care Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair….. Ok, so if you haven’t actually HEARD the song.. you think I’m nuts right about now, eh? Ok – maybe you thought I was nuts to begin with. That works, too. If you’re curious at all – you can watch it: Sandi Thorn – I Wish I was a Punk Rocker That song has been running through my grey matter for the past 3 days solid […]

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