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Ok, so this is really mundane. But what do I really post here that just isn’t mundane, really?

Mr Clean I just have to say, I love Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. Just got done spiffing up the kitchen (I clean in order to blow off some steam) – and tried them out for the first time and just won’t ever go back, I swear. Counters, cabinets, the stove, the fridge .. and even the dirty little paw prints on the wall left by dirty kid hands.

That’s all. Just wanted to share.

Oh, and no – I get no compensation for the above message.. just one happy kitchen cleaner!

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10 thoughts on “Mr. Clean – My Hero”

  1. Didn’t I tell you? I did, didn’t I? If not, I’m a horrible friend. I can’t even remember now. 😆

    THEY ROCK! The only thing anyone needs in their housecleaning supply cabinet is Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, windex and paper towels. That’s it. (Mr. Clean leaves streaks on windows. Dammit.)

  2. These are great! They really do get crayon and marker off walls without messing up the paint. I think they actually make cleaning fun, since you can really see the results.

  3. So, at your recommendation, I went out and bought some of these things. Guess what else they’re good for? Cleaning creosote build up on the bricks around the fireplace. 😀

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