Dakota Fanning?

April 11, 2006 * 188 Comments

So, apparently, CNN ran with this last night: And then, they promptly removed it – – all traces of it. I <3 Dakota Fanning – I hope this was just a big goof up. via: Diva Dish Update: This, of course, is a hoax – – I shoulda seen it coming, eh? What a horrible hoax it is, too! Thanks to Chris for pointing out the hoax update.

Thrill Me

March 5, 2006 * 9 Comments

I‘m a big fan of horror flicks. But not the chop ’em up, blood and gore types — that’s not what I’m talking about. For me – I love an excellent psychological thriller. The kind that gets into your head and fucks with your perception and senses. Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s hard to find good ones, ya know? Last night we watched the new Demi Moore flick called “Half Light” – which was…. ok… as far as strange, supernatural type flicks go. It didn’t suck – and that’s about as far as […]

Alias Marathon

November 18, 2005 * 7 Comments

Amazon is my friend. Blockbuster gave me the first episode of Alias. However, on their shelves is Season One and Season Four. What happened to Seasons Two and Three?? I finished Season One and just about died right there in Blockbuster when they told me that they didn’t have Season Two or Three. Just. About. Died. Totally serious. So desperate was I . . I headed over to Amazon.com and purchased Season Two and Three and had it shipped overnight. Been working my butt off all day today setting up 10 new blogs for one client that has at least […]


November 14, 2005 * 2 Comments

This weekend was totally blown off. We normally don’t watch a whole lot of TV in this house. Cable news, History Channel, Discovery, mostly. However, we do rent a crazy amount of films on a regular basis. I get together with friends and the subject of favorite TV shows comes up…talks about characters, plots, cliffhangers..obsessions with the latest reality TV craze, and on and on. I never can relate. When they look to me for my commentary on the latest show, I’ll say something really dorky like, “I watched the greatest documentary on life in Cold War Russia the other […]

You'll Never Look at Paper Clips the Same Way Again.

November 7, 2005 * 25 Comments

Chris and I rented this movie over the weekend. Not really knowing what to expect – the description on the back sounded interesting, at least to me. Chris, on the other hand, is always giving me a hard time about the movies I pick out. This night was no different – – he picked his usual comedy, I picked a movie about the Holocaust. It usually goes that way and he blames it on the fact that he thinks I have no sense of humor. (I really do – in spite of the rumors). We decided to make it the […]

Your Kung Fu Is Not Strong

August 29, 2005 * 9 Comments

A new skin re-do. This is what I do when I’m up late.. can’t sleep and am in pain. I dink around with plain ol’ designs for my blog. Somehow, I always migrate back to the same cool shades of blue – – wonder why that is? Guess I’m a cool blue kinda gal? The tag line? “Your Kung Fu Is Not Strong”.. a line from my favorite geek actor in one of my favorite flicks. Without giving the premise of the movie away – – D.J. Qualls plays a computer geek/hacker and the government is trying to recruit him […]

Message in a Bottle

April 25, 2005 * 17 Comments

So, we watched Message in a Bottle last night. I cried my fool eyes out. Oh, shush. It’s a chick thing. The ending was horrible, though. Why is it that we always expect a happy ending in films? The worst movie ending ever? City of Angels. I saw it in a movie theater one afternoon. I seriously wanted to sue someone over the ending of that movie.

Coach Carter and My Date

February 5, 2005 * 13 Comments

We had a fabulous time, Melissa and I. We ate at Applebee’s and it wasn’t so bad – – well, except that the rice pilaf totally lacked any flavor whatsoever. But their dessert was good – I had the Apple Chimicheesecake – – I’d go back for that again, I think. It was yum. We shared conversation over dinner that you can only share with a 13 year old. Giggly girl talk. She is something else – – and it’s times like these when I have time alone with her and listen to her talk that I really am proud […]

Six Feet Under

November 9, 2004 * 13 Comments

I’m heartbroken.

Man on Fire

September 25, 2004 * 6 Comments

Every once in a while you come across a movie that moves the hell out of you and leaves you utterly speechless. At the end as you just sit and stare while the credits roll off the screen – and eventually the only word capable of falling from your lips, as you wipe the remaining tears away, is just one. Wow. And for an hour after seeing the movie – – still all you can say is just wow. You know when you sit down to watch a movie with Denzel Washington and Christopher Walkin, you’re in for a good […]

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