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After the last call at 3:30AM this morning – I didn’t receive anymore calls. Well, I did receive one phone call about a patient of ours who also happens to be my grandmother. Apparently our answering service at work wasn’t answering the phone when my Dad was trying to reach the nurse on call – so he called me to see if I knew who was on call and could I get in touch with that nurse. I offered just to come over and see grandma myself – but my Dad said he wanted the nurse. I am a nurse!! He said, “You’re her granddaughter first – get me the damn nurse!”


So I called K. – grandma’s nurse. He was over within minutes and told us what we already knew was happening. Grandma is just shutting down. We are moving her into my Dad’s house today and, really – if I think about it realistically…she probably has only a matter of days – maybe a week, but probably not much more. It’s so hard to predict. My dad asked me if she’s dying, and if so – how long can she hold on like this? I told him to ask K. those questions.

Her nurse.

Not her granddaughter

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