Could. Not. Sleep.

It was one of those nights. I finally fell asleep somewhere around 3:30 after much tossing and turning. I finally fell asleep – – doing the sinking-into-the-bed-one-body-part-at-a-time thing. Starting with my little toe, I made it up to my right hip and that’s all I can remember. The cats were wild as hell last night and woke me up a few times as they were chasing each other, wildly, around the bedroom. Then at 6 a.m. this morning, I was hearing the phone ring in my dream. Over and over and over. I woke up and found out it wasn’t in my dream – – looked at the TV, realized I left FoxNews on while I slept. . . so I woke up to John Kerry traipsing around some field in a hunting jackat, hauling a dead goose . . I went to answer the phone and it was my daughter’s friend.

I wasn’t very nice to this sweet girl who is calling at 6 a.m. “Steph – what could you possibly want at 6 am that you couldn’t talk to her about at school?” . . . “I wanted to know what she is wearing today.”

For this I got out of bed. “Clothes, Steph – she’s wearing clothes. Buh bye.” (I’m trying to remember a time when I might have done the same thing at 13 )

I just decided to go upstairs and make myself a coffee. So here I sit.

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9 thoughts on “Mmm..Coffee”

  1. LOL UG,

    Hey you were so much nicer than I would have been, and my daughter would have caught it too. We have a moratorium on incoming calls after 8pm, when the little ones go to bed, my daughter and her friends all know they had better not call after then….

  2. My sisters and I still do that when we are going to a common event. And I am 30.

    In other news, I am headed up to your neck of the woods tonight, Lisa…going for the Dallas game on Sunday. I can’t wait!

  3. nice… Yeah, I went to a show last monday and my friend and I showed up _quite_ similarly dressed. The guy I showed up with (just a friend?) made goood fun of this… “did’ya call and plan this?” AS IF! He said we must have girlfriend clothing telepathy then…

  4. Surfed in, stayed to read a while. I totally sympathize with your reaction to the pre-dawn phone call; girls used to call my son at all hours. Come on over.

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