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Went out and got one of these today. Planning an early evening trip before dinner tonight!

I’ve been doing the dieting thing in preparation for the Bahamas cruise that we are no longer taking. Too many contracts came in for Chris…and clients come first. So we traded the cruise in for a four-day excursion to Vegas in Late June. The diet thing has been going extremely well. I started it about 5 weeks ago and have dropped, as of today, 24 pounds and 7 1/2 inches. Last night, I tried on a pair of jeans that were three sizes too small a year ago – – and they fit. Perfectly, might I add! Somehow, I’ll find an excuse to wear that new bikini in Vegas 😉

I didn’t do a whole lot for this diet thing except change some of my hideous eating habits. I switched from 2% to skim milk for absolutely everything. At first, it wasn’t so great – – but once you get used to it, I don’t even notice a difference anymore. Actually, going back to 2% now (I’ve done it once or twice) is icky – – the 2% is too heavy for me, anymore. I cut out all the snacking that I do. I LOVE snacks!! I’m a certified cookie monster!! Ginger Snaps and Almond Windmill cookies are my ultimate weakness! I could eat a whole package in one sitting, with a cup or two of coffee! I haven’t given up my coffee, at all. I just take my quad shot lattes with skim, instead of 2% or whole. I snack mostly on fruits and veggies these days. I’m not really watching the carbs – – but have really super increased my protein intake. I just have noticed that once I started paying attention to the protein, fat and calories – – that naturally decreased the carb intake, as a whole. I try to stick at 1300 calories a day, that includes about 125 grams of protein a day. I’ve also stepped up the excercise activitiy. Taking lots of walks, either outside – or on the treadmill. Just purchased that new bike – so I’ll be adding that to the activity. I do reward myself once a week with slowly enjoying two Almond WindMill cookies, though. I can’t give it all up – – that’s asking WAY too much! 🙂

This song rips and tears me up every single time I hear it. Why keep listening?? [Download Here]

Earlier today, I went grocery shopping. Picked up some filets for dinner tonight. Also picked up some Tuna Steaks for tomorrows dinner, some salad stuff, bunch of fruit and milk. I was in the vegatable section, picking out asparagus. This impossibly cute guy walks up and says, “Oh yum! Asparagus! Steamed or boiled?” I said, “Steamed…always steamed.” Then he says, ” Are you making it for dinner tonight? Because I LOVE asparagus!” I smiled, “Yes, I am making it tonight . . . . my boyfriend loves it too.” He replys with, “Oh ouch. That was painful.”…and walks away.

Watching him walk away was pretty pleasant, let me just say.

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  1. another really good way to make asparagus is to cook it in a pan with a little bit of olive oil and place lemon slices on top. cook on medium for about 10 mintes rotating spears with tongs. before serving add a touch of fresh cracked pepper and a little fresh grated parmesean for a little flare. this method also makes the asparagus turn out really really bright and green if you are into dining aesthetics. And congrats with the diet 🙂

  2. so you bought a mongoose, turned down a hot dog, steamed your asparagi (?) and lost a few stone in weight here and there.

    Not bad for a post that!

  3. Congratulations Lisa on the diet. You are so right about the change in the milk. We use skim milk at home but when we visit any of the family they either use 2% or whole milk and it taste so bad. Another small change you can make if you have not is increase the water and make certain it is ice water and no eating after 7 or 8 PM. Those two small changes also really make a help, being a nurse I imagine you know that and are doing it. About one year ago I decided to make some major life style changes so I began to do what you are doing without any of the excerise plus the two I mentioned and I have lost 99 lbs so far. I have a long term goal and when i get close you all will hear all about it and just maybe see me.

  4. 99lbs, Vickie! That is excellent! Good on you 🙂

    I have majorly up’d the water intake and try to do at least 5-6 bottles of water a day (about 60 – 80 oz.) and I do try not to eat until after 7 or 8 pm – – that doesn’t always work, though.

    With a hectic work schedule (both nursing and the design stuff) – sometimes I don’t get around to making dinner until about 6:30 or 7pm.

    I know, I know — prepare ahead of time. Again – – insert hectic work schedule 🙂

    My goal is to get back to a size 6-8. I was at 13…I’m down to 10…so I’m getting there….maybe not as fast as I’d like…but slow progress is at least progress 🙂

  5. Thank you peachy girl! Happy to have been an inspiration – once your mind is set to it, it can happen 🙂

    Hmm..blogmazed – – I have to go check that out. Thank you, I think. lol

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