Menace to Myself


Four times in the last month I filed a written complaint to our buildings “Safety Committee”. Those complaints included my concerns over the fact that the building maintenance does not do enough to ensure the safety of it’s employees and visitors because the parking lots and walkways are forever thick with snow and ice. My complaints included the statement that someday, someone is going to fall and really hurt themselves, holding this company liable.

Of course it had to be me, right? I’m batting a thousand this week.

Walking out of work tonight — heading to my car, I slipped and fell on a big patch of ice and landed square on my ankle and then proceeded to slid all the way underneath my car and, adding insult to injury, banged the same ankle on some part of the car really fucking hard.

I’m laying there, underneath my car thinking to myself – – I am such a klutz all the time!

I crawl out – slipping and sliding all the way and finally maneuver myself to a sitting position. I take off my shoe and sock and my ankle to be swollen like a balloon and angry red & purple.


I spent the next three hours in the ER. The ankle isn’t broken, thankfully – but it is badly sprained. I’m on crutches, I can’t drive or bear any weight on it for the next four days. Oh how fun — guess who will be blogging like a maniac over the next 4 days? What else can I do but sit and surf?

Of course my boss isn’t happy because I’m missing work on Friday and Monday, plus I was scheduled to be on call tomorrow night and she needs to replace me for that. Finding a replacement for a Friday night on such short notice isn’t an easy thing to do.

How is this my fault, I wonder? Guess I should have been more careful on the ice rink that they call the parking lot, hey?

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6 thoughts on “Menace to Myself”

  1. Oooo outchy boo boo! Damn girl that sounds really painful. Have some hot chocolate and snuggle in front of the computer. Who cares about work? Let them worry about it. Hope you get better soon.

  2. Gracious. At least you get some time off, though!

    You should make an even bigger stink now with the “Safety Committee”. Go in there with your crutches (even if you don’t need them anymore!) and let them see that if they’re not careful, a sue-happy goofball might just be next…

  3. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t get to far…Ice and Snow is considered an Open and Obvious Hazard during the winter months. Hope you heal up real soon…

  4. Good thing I’m not sue happy . .. how that happened, I don’t know – I did grow up in this country, after all. 😉

    I’ll settle with a couple of days off with pay, long enough for my ankle to heal 🙂

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