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My meeting with John, our local school district’s head of technology, was put off until today at 2pm. I spoke with him a bit on the phone this week, and it sounds like he is up to his ears with the school’s website. He’s trying to administer user groups for the different teacher’s by using FrontPage on a Unix system. Needless to say – he’s pulling his hair out. I’m going in there today to show him the basics of Moveable Type with the suggestion that he implement it just for the pages within the site that are user-specific (i.e. updated by the teachers themselves). What he does with the rest of the site – – well…he’s on his own with that one.

Unless . . . .

He wants an entire re-do of the site (it needs it badly) and is intersted in hiring a local gal as an independant contractor. Although, school budgets being what they are – – probably not.

It’ll be a good meeting, anyways – and at the very least, I can say that I tried to help the school system be more efficient and successful in their efforts at communicating with parents.

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