Marmite!What is Marmite, exactly? Chris loves the stuff — me? I’ve never tried it. It just doesn’t sound good to me – after all, it’s yeast extract. He eats it on toast or bagels with butter. I’ll stick with my strawberry jam, honey or peanut butter on my toast and bagels, thank you very much. It seems it’s a British thing – – and since he is a transplanted Brit – he takes any chance he can get to get his hands on a jar of Marmite, not matter how big, or how small. If he happens to be lucky enough to get his mitts on a jar — the man is in Marmite heaven! Like a kid with a new toy!

To the point that he left a message on Christina’s blog. She had a post mentioning that she was travelling to England – – so Chris, the desperate Brit, left a comment on her blog with a desperate plea for Marmite! She has some awesome pictures posted on her blog from her trip, as well – you should check them out!

Marmite! Marmite! Marmite!

Fast forward a week or two later – I got an email from Christina today. She was requesting an address she could send the jar of Marmite that she brought home for Chris!! I couldn’t believe that she actually did it – what a total sweetheart! I offered to send her some $$ via PayPal for the Marmite and the shipping – but she would have nothing to do with that. The random kindness of some people just never ceases to amaze me.

So Chris will have his Marmite soon -and that makes him a very, very happy Brit! I have to be careful – he’s going to start making me barter my designs and hosting service for jars of Marmite!! lol

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  1. Yea! Someone else that likes it, too! Ever tried Vegemite?
    even better… I buy it at Tom Thumb, Kroger, World Market… it’s everywhere! Try some on toast w/ a little butter. Yummyyyyyyyy!

  2. What a delightful tale along the Marmite trail, my pretty!

    My link, by the way, has changed, as has the name of my blog. Tiger: Raggin’ is now Read My Lips

  3. I have a friend, a Brit, in Atlanta, that is also nuts for marmite. He eats these pretzel type chips covered with the stuff. I tried those. Marmite smells bad and tastes even worse. lol

  4. To save you from bartering your designs there is a website where expats can buy their favourite Brit foods, including Marmite, of course. (I don’t have anything to do with this company, just thought it might help) 😆

  5. Mmmmmm My Mate Marmite.

    What can I say, possibly the greatest food source on the planet, if indeed it is a food…. when you get the jar you have to try it, only have Chris make it for you marmite noobs have a tendency to use too much and that is reserved for the experienced Marmiters.
    I buy mine at a “European Gourmet” store just down the road, but it is expensive as hell($7.50 for the smallest jar) I often get it sent to me from home

    Vegemite is the same stuff, only it’s from down under, I don’t know what the process is that they use to make it, but I have always thought it looked like the crud left at the bottom of a barrel after they had made something else and rather than throw it away they put it on toast.

    PS, British kids are raised on the stuff, a bit like American kids are with peanut butter.

  6. Pretend you’re at a spelling bee … (fade)

    Announcer: Your word is … Marmite
    Competitor: Marmite? *timid* Definition please??
    Announcer: Marmite … half marmalade and half termite … Marmite
    Competitor: So, it’s bug jelly??? Uhhh, M..a..r..m..i..t..e

  7. Lisa,
    Just be happy he is not craving “Bransten (sp?) Pickle”. It is another favourite of the bloody brits and it is horrible stuff. My ex was a bloody brit and she loved the it. Barf.

  8. I have a nice little Marmite story for you… I really like Marmite and an old boyfriend of mine hated it, but he was always the type to be eating huge amounts of any food I had. One day i had some toast with just Marmite and he asked (as usual) what i was eating. I told him it was Nutella (chocolate spread). Of course i got the standard reply… “Can I have a bite?” Knowing his bites usually meant half my piece of toast, I said “Sure.” As expected, he took a huge mouthful, then proceeded to almost barf!! It was hilarious! Maybe that is why he quickly became an ex:mrgreen:


  9. My roomate is from Scotland and he loves the stuff as well…all I had to do is smell it and know that I could never attempt to eat it. I think it takes a strong person to try it.

  10. Bug Jelly? Veast and Vole? you all make it sound so much better than it actually is!

    don’t… it’s way too strong…to start spread it on lightly.

    I once was having breakfast with an east German (just after the wall came down) and he spoke no english, he wanted to try the Marmite, but spread it on like Jam (proper word for Jelly , Jelly is what you call Jello) anyhow real thick, we tried to warn him but he bit in to it and… well we could tell he was not impressed!

  11. they sell it in my local stop&shop grocery store here in connecticut. along with Yorkie bars and lots of other Brit food.
    i wonder if maybe the store is owned by some British conglomerate.

  12. YUCK!!!! My English friends brought Marmite
    with them when we lived in Israel years ago. Just the smell made me sick. Those Brits are really loyal to their Marmite,though!!

  13. Out of interest both Marmite and Vegemite are byproducts of the beer brewing process… I have never delved further to find out how it all works.. just the look of it is enough to make me think it might put me off my favourite breakfast spread (vegemite). Vegemite and cheese on toast is the best breakfast… protien and B vitamins…


  14. We haven’t received it yet. I will probably give it a try when it gets here – – I’m always up for new things.

    Although, I can’t imagine I’m going to be very fond of spreading yeast on my bread – – but hey, gotta give it at least once chance, right?

  15. lol, too be truthful I can’t stand that crap either, Black Pudding is OK if you close your eyes and forget that it’s just congealed pig blood with chuncks of fat in a stomach…:twisted:

  16. OK I can comment on Marmite, but not capitalism, I am being disenfranchised, it is a republican plot, I didn’t believe in all this crap but now I see the light! Michael Moore for Pres!

  17. I have never tried this stuff you are all talking about. However I do wish to and was wondering if anyone knew what stop&shop in CT had it? I have been looking around but have not found it yet… 🙁

  18. I just tried marmite for the first time in my life. Last week saw the jar in the grocery I was curios and bought it. omg I am now a marmite fan fo life

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