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Last weekend, Chris was in New York. He flew out for business – but drove a rental truck back to Wisconsin because he had a bunch of stuff sitting the in basement of his mother’s store. She’s a dress designer in Manhattan – with an emphasis on wedding and vintage gowns…beautiful stuff, really. She’s moving her store – therefore, Chris had to finally move his boxes of stuff out of there.

This stuff is his childhood/early adult stuff. He attended bording school and then University in England. When done, he moved to NYC and stayed with his mom for a few months before moving to LA. When he moved from England…he brought boxes upon boxes of stuff — and there it sat until this past weekend.

I was just outside with him as he went through his boxes. Amazing how men transform into boys, right before your eyes, when confronted with his old ‘boy stuff’. It’s rather charming.

To keep, or not to keep?

Air BB Gun
Aerosmith Concert t-shirt
KISS wall hangings
An old floppy drive in a box as big as todays whole computer
His knife collection
His rock climbing gear (he no longer climbs)
Books, upon books, upon books, upon…
Albums. That’s right – – 33 Vinyls in original covers – – definately keepers even though we don’t own a turntable.
Pictures of old girlfriends. Stupid girls, all of them – they coulda had it all. 😉
Old newspapers from England.

Did you know that video tapes bought in England (at least back then) can’t be played in the video players in the US? Something about something – I didn’t catch, but I didn’t know that. A hairdryer. A stereo. An alarm clock. All of them cannot be used (not that we’d want to) here in the US without some converter for electricity.

Boxes and boxes of little treasures of his childhood. Pictures in dusty frames. Cards. Letters. TShirts. Jeans. Bags. Small pieces of paper. Stories behind each and every little, dusty thing. It was enchanting to watch him go through it all and talk about his memories. I witnessed a side of him I’ve not seen before, and fell in love with him all over again. Which didn’t stop me from saying things like, “Oh hell no are you hanging THAT thing on MY wall!”

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14 thoughts on “Man As Boy”

  1. I haven’t had to say that yet. But I did get a very sweet “Baby do you care if I hang some posters up in my room?” *computer room*.. I of course said YES I CARE NO YOU CANT!!!
    No, I’m kidding I told him he could! =D

  2. I did tell Hubster he was in NO WAY hanging his signed posted of that twit Elle. I think he still has it rolled up somewhere in the far recesses of the basement.

    Old newspapers?

  3. I’d throw out your candidate for this year’s election. That’s the first dead thing I’d get rid of, because *phew* he’s getting a little stinky. That happens when you’re full of it…you know?

  4. Thanks for for unsolicited advice, rebekkah – – of course you won’t mind if I don’t follow it. My vote will go with Bush in ’04 🙂

  5. Being a packrat myself, I can relate. As to what to throw out, how bout that stale old stiff, the one no amount of botox can help. Waffles Flip Flop Kerry. him. 😀

  6. There is just something so special when your man is transformed back into a little boy as he goes back over his memories. It will never change no matter how many times you might see that happen either. I see hubby go through all his saved boxes with each move we make were he will decide pne more time oh no he could not bare to depart with it….packs it away never taking it out until the next move.

  7. You can buy players that play PAL(english) tapes on NTSC (American) TVs, they are called worldwide VCRs, Samsung make a good one. You can also hook them up to a regular VCR and record NTSC versions although if they are pre-recorded (as opposed to home video) you may have copyright protection. I have one of these machines and use it to send video home (to England)and watch stuff they send me.

  8. *nodding in agreement with RedFred* Also, it’s the same thing with DVDs from other regions. You can either buy a region free DVD player or hack the one you have by “upgrading” the firmware.

    Now, as far as that pack-rat you are talking about. Honey, treasure the fact that there is actually stuff in those boxes. I have a pack-rat that is attached to empty boxes.

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