Maigh – The Bat Face


So.. every once in a while I get this client who is just TOO much. By too much.. I don’t mean that in a pain in ‘da ass sort of way . . (although..) .. but in a “hey – this chicka is really kinda cool” sorta way. She hired me to do her design.. not once, but twice. Then her sister hired me to do her blog. I almost feel like I should attend the next family Thanksgiving dinner, or something. Could you imagine the intrusion? “Hi! You all don’t know me.. but I did up these two girls sites.. and well… pass the stuffing!”

I could never fit into the family, though. I can’t do the bat face – try though I may, I fail every single time.

Let me introduce you to Maigh. She is uber cool – – and brave enough to have her blog design done with her nekkid bod as the main theme. WARNING: This should only be accomplished when, and ONLY when, you have to bod to show off. It’s true.

I was chit chatting with Maigh on Yahoo earlier today – and we decided that hitting the liquor cabinet after 12PM is ok and socially acceptable. Do me a favor – – give Maigh a visit and harass the livin’ crap outta her because she deserves it! Tell her I sent you.

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11 thoughts on “Maigh – The Bat Face”

  1. I think we need pics of you trying to do the bat-face, Lisa. I also think we need more nekkid pics of Maigh… 😈

  2. Why wait until 12pm? You can’t drink all day unless you start early in the morning.

    aka possible friend of Maigh’s
    aka potential client of yours since my web skillz are horrid

  3. Hey “me” – contact her through her business site – this is her personal site. Croquet? You should also include an email address…

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