Mac Killed My Inner Child


I do love my Mac. I operate both.. a PC and a Mac. I’m not a Mac-convert, though… something about old habits die hard.. or teaching an old dog new tricks… blah blah. Regardless of what anyone says – I have had my Mac (OSX) crash on me. It’s possible – but not nearly the same issues I have with my PC. I came across this on YouTube this morning. I’m probably way behind the times on this (this vid was uploaded to YouTube in Feb. ’06 for crying out loud), but really – it has got to be the best vid I’ve come across on that site in some time. It had me laughing through my entire morning coffee. Have a view:

Which reminds me – I wanted to share the grouping of real Mac ads – I love those commercials, really. That’s all.

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4 thoughts on “Mac Killed My Inner Child”

  1. Isn’t that a HOOT? I just love that vid – even though I have infinitley more problems on my PC than my Mac.. I just love this guys delivery lol

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