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Lucky Number Slevin (Widescreen Edition)I’m picky – I fully admit it. It takes a helluv a lot to impress me when it comes to film. Movies, of late, haven’t WOWED me much. Hollywood seems to like remaking old films, and I’m guessing it’s because they’re running out of decent material to write about.

I think the last movie I was really impressed by was Man On Fire – now there’s a movie I don’t tire of watching!

So, this past week – Chris brought home Lucky Number Slevin from Blockbuster. It certainly had a promising cast – – I mean, with names like these, you’re expecting something really good right? :

  • Bruce Willis
  • Lucy Liu
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Ben Kingsley
  • Stanley Tucci
  • Danny Aiello

Other cast members include: Josh Hartnett, Michael Rubenfeld, Peter Outerbridge, Kevin Chamberlin, Dorian Missick, Mykelti Williamson, Scott Gibson, Daniel Kash, Dmitry Chepovetsky and more.

You can view the trailer here – then go rent/buy/borrow the movie and watch it – you won’t be sorry you did!

This film is loaded with extratextual, intratextual, and intertextual (sounds kinda sexy, eh?) references that make it deep and intelligent. Lucky Number Slevin isn’t quite up to par with similarly brainy thrillers like Memento and The Usual Suspects, but the prospect of seeing it again in order to get your bearings is just as appealing Josh Hartnett really surprised me by actually pulling his weight in a cast chock-full of A-listers. As with any good flick – don’t trust the reviews. Keeps you in the dark till the end, then wraps it all up terrifically in the end – it didn’t end nearly how I expected it to – and I love when a movie does that.

So, see it – let me know what you think (yes, Astro – that means YOU!)

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10 thoughts on “Lucky Number Slevin”

  1. Michael – you’l have to let me know what you think. Chris sometimes makes fun of me regarding my tastes in film – – but he really enjoyed this one too.. so maybe I’m safe! 🙂

  2. It’s really funny – I was actually at a friend’s house this past Saturday, and we watched this movie for the first time! Then I came home, checked my feedreader, and saw your post, LOL.

    I loved it. It was NOT the movie I was expecting it to be, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. I definitely recommend it!!!

  3. We started watching it the other night, then decided that we should save it for later because the Mite was a little young to learn that much about loan sharks. Hopefully we get back to it in the next few nights as I really liked the little I saw.

  4. Astro, I’m so glad you liked it… ALOT!

    Does this redeem me for my “Red Violin” recommendation? I can’t remember if you were the one that hated that movie — it’s one of my favs. :p

  5. Ok, this one finally made it to the top of my Netflix queue and I watched it with a friend tonight. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and while we puzzled out some of the plot in advance we were still guessing about parts of it right up until the end.

    Great movie!

  6. I think that one is probably one of the best movies Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley played in. Bruce Willis has a little role but he’s damn good as always!

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