Long Writing Weekend


Celtic Crossings Liqueur, Irish Whiskey, LiquorI haven’t talked to my friend Tom in a few months. I think we’re both just crazy busy in our lives lately. I need to give him a call, however – because I know he’s thinking of me and the stress I’m putting myself through in getting this book completed on time. How do I know this? I got a package in the mail yesterday – a box, from Tom. I knew what it contained before I even opened it, because I could hear the sloshing around inside. Tom is, after all, my supplier when it comes to all things Irish – including Irish Liquer. He turned me onto this stuff over a year ago and a single glass is enough to keep all the little things in life from hanging and gnawing on my last nerve. This weekend is going to be a loooooooooong writing weekend for me as I push towards my next deadline on 3/31. Tom has amazing timing (if you’re reading this – I paged you yesterday, but got no call back. Do you doctors EVER answer your pages? ).

Also inside the box were a box of about 200 really cool Speed Racer stickers. Though, that is a story for another day.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Long Writing Weekend”

  1. Char – you are 100% correct 🙂
    And thanks… It’s Friday and I’ve made my deadline. One more to go on 4/19 and I’ll be done! Then I’ll have to remember what I did with my time before this book took over. lol

  2. Lisa,

    I am the other girl out there with your name. My name is Lisa (Mccrain maiden name) Sabin. I live in Seattle and I am a personal trainer. I have teamed up with some brilliant people, like yourself to start a company called Konamoxt. Our goal is to bring fitness minded people together. You can blog, track your workouts, participate in forums on our site. We also have a cool library with articles and training plans.

    I am learning about blogging and purchased the first Blogging For Dummies. I look forward to reading your version.

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