Long Overdue Blurfing


Football season is officially here – – and I have to say, that while I love Monday Night Football – I’m feeling a little left out because my team isn’t playing today because their first, official season game is tomorrow night — so I have to wait while everyone else I know around the blogosphere is watching their favorite team play today. /whine

I haven’t done a solid blog blurfing post in quite awhile – – I’d say it’s long overdue.

Lori poses an interesting question about remembering 9/11. I have to say – I’ve given it some thought, and one does have to wonder.

Uptown Girl has slipped into her new skin and loves it. Whew! The suspense was killin’ me, I’ll tell ya! She’s also tellin’ jokes over there that she really needs to put a header on with a disclaimer “May cause reader to spit coffee through nose” – funny girl!

Frizzen Sparks has one helluva post about why he lives on the right side of the political middle in this country. Awesome post, man – just awesome. Sorry about your friendship, though – losing a true friend over politics is a hard thing to take . . it does happen, though – I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.

If I haven’t mentioned it – – it’s definately worth mentioning. I’m happy she’s back.

This we’ll defend Thanks, Hook.

What Lee learned this week – funny, and oddly useful, stuff. Except the fart stuff – – I really didn’t need to know . .

What a cutie face.

I can’t believe he isn’t sharing. Now I’m in the mood for homemade oatmeal cookies – who do I have to pay?

Mog shares a hurricane survival guide – probably useful for readers from Florida! (psst . . I can’t BELIEVE it’s happening AGAIN!)

Oh, and I skinned myself again. Over there (on the left) – check out Geek Girl. 🙂

That’s all for now – – is it Monday yet??

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