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Well, the flu seems to have vanished and I think I’m going to live to tell about it. Whew! That was close! After taking two full days off work – I’m rockin’ through some serious design work – – I think my Photoshop program is actually smoking!

I got an email today. It seems, in August 2006, my 20-year high school reunion is scheduled.

Yea. 20 years. Un-friggin-believable, ain’t it?
well, not if you saw my gray hairs hiding beneath the blonde

So, I get this email from my brother. Apparently, my name is on the “Lost List”. What is the “Lost List” ? It’s the list of people that the reunion coordinators have drawn up with a list of people that they are unable to contact, don’t have information for. The people on this “Lost List” have seemingly dropped off the face of the earth.

So, someone who is trying to track me down – got a hold of a friend of my brother’s, who then got ahold of my brother – who emailed me asking me to update my contact information with the reunion corrdinator folks. They emailed my brother wanting to know if he has a sister named “Lisa” and if so, could he please give them her contact information??

Now, my brother is smarter than that. As if he’s going to email them back and say “Yea sure! Here’s her address, phone number and email address – have fun!”

Ya know – I’ve worked too hard in my life to become ‘lost’ to all that is high school, and most of the people involved with it. I’ve never attended a reunion – and don’t intend on starting now. And yet, here they are – tracking me down like the lost high school geek that I am..or was. Except, I’m not interested in being tracked down. And the ironic thing is, I haven’t gone far. Currently, I live about a mile away from the high school that I attended, and my two children are attending the very same high school that I graduated from. How’s that for being a hometown girl?

Hopefully none of these reunion coordinator types ever grew up to become sleuths, eh?

Funny thing is – if you Google my first and last name? The first hit you get is E.Webscapes.

Buncha rocket scientists they are.

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  1. I wasn’t going to go to my 10 year but I decided to go anyway…and it sucked. I went to a very small school in Northern IL and our graduating class was 71-I think 22 people showed up at the reunion and they were not the 22 I wanted to see. It’s cracking me up that they can’t find you and you’re only a mile from the school…heh heh!!

  2. That’s too funny about them not being able to find you! Ahhhh, the benefits of public education… :o)

    I went to Mrs. Knight’s ten year reunion, mostly because she was one of the organizers for it. Granted, I barley knew anybody there, but it was one of the most disappointing functions I’ve ever been to. “It’s about catching up with everybody!”. Bullsh!t. The entire thing was talking about how all the people who didn’t show up were failing at life or having this or that bad thing happening to them. I was very happy when she turned over the box of information to somebody else and said that they got it for the next one.

    As for my class, we didn’t even have a 5 year reunion, which was fine with me. The main rumor was that the class president didn’t do it because she had too much bad stuff and not enough impressive stuff happening in her life (parents divorcing, not married, etc.) that she didn’t do it. For the ten year reunion, I guess there were so few people interested that it almost didn’t happen. As for me, I still live in the same town and work at the family business everybody expected me to. I almost wish it was harder for them to find me!

  3. I love that story!:d I went to my 20 year. I still see a good number of my classmates around town, but it really was kinda weird seeing the ones that I hadn’t thought of, hadn’t seen, or hadn’t remembered graduating with! Astro summed up it up! I did take great pleasure in snubbing Nellie Olson when she came over and started talking to me:x Did I meantion she was a Nellie Olson! 😉

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