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We’re leaving on vacation today!


Excitement mixed with relief mixed with anticipation mixed with total joy at getting away from work! Not that I don’t love you guys – cuz I do! But a few days away is JUST what I need – trust me, you’ll be happier for it. lol

We’re going to Atlanta. Chris’s corporate Xmas party is being held down their this year. Their biggest and most active contract is down in Atlanta – so that is where the majority of his employees are this year . . so he figured he’d bring the Xmas party down to them, rather than making them all travel. Plus, I think he figures if they aren’t travelling – then they don’t need any time off work, right? Right.

But I do!

We’re driving down there. From Milwaukee to Atlanta is about a 16 hour drive. Not so bad, really – and it looks like we’re going to be having good weather on the way down and back. We decided to drive because the last time Chris was in Atlanta – he found this bedroom set that we both absolutely adore and this place in Atlanta is the only place in the world that we can find it available in California King size. Seriously, the world. Probably the universe. So we’re driving down and renting a trailer to tote that puppy home.

There is also going to be work involved in the vacation (boo! hiss!) I also work part-time for Chris’s company doing database reporting (yawwwwwwwn!) – and this will be the first time that I’m going to have to sit in on meetings and go through the whole ‘introduction’ thing with their client down there. So, I have to put on a smile and make nice.

I took the opportunity as an excuse to shop for clothing tonight. I spent WAY too much and bought WAY more than I needed – – but I LOVE Liz Claiborne – – even more when her stuff is on sale!

For hosting things – – I’ve got some very good people who are keeping an eye on things while I am away and they all have immediate access to the bat phone should anything go wonky while the cat is away. The server is stable as hell – so I’m not worried . . . but Murphy’s Law dictates, ya know. While we are away – please use our trouble ticket system for support needs.

For design stuff – – I’ve finished up orders that are due this week and have a boat load that are due next week. No worries . . . my insomnia is still your best friend when it comes to getting your orders done. I’ve timed it well, though – and worked my butt off to get things out on time . . . so there will be no delays. I’m still holding true to the 5-7 business days for a turn around time. For design emergencies – – you can email me . . I’ll be checking mail twice a day – – once in the AM and once in the PM. Just don’t screw around with your templates or designs for the next 6 days, k? 😀

I have my cell phone, my laptop and my blackberry. The only email I’ll be checking while I’m gone are:

Lisa is connected.

Have a GREAT week!

PS – oh, and just to show off . . . I’m XHTML 1.0 Transitional validated. As long as no one leaves wonky stuff in my commetns while I’m gone. Well, at least my front page is. The CSS is fully validated for my “Blue Girl” skin. I’ll spend some time some other day to validate my CSS for my other skins. Cuz you care, deeply.

10 thoughts on “Lisa: Connected”

  1. Hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation! And thanks for that link cause I’m in the market for a new bed and I’m finding more things I like on that site than I found all day yesterday.

  2. :::: STOP PRESS ::::

    Just anounced… Wisconsin to play Georgia in the outback bowl in Florida…. Wierd….. my home town bowl game is between Lisa’s home state and the one she is visiting… and I hear the anouncement while I’m reading her post… man this is scary shit… it’s a government conspiricy… they are tapping my internet and controling the airways and have a hack into the BCS… well actually that goes without saying, there is no way that thing could be so fucked up without government intervention…

    Gotta run, I can hear the black helicopters comming to get me, need to get home to my re-enforced concrete bunker and load up my M60s….:shock::shock::shock::shock:

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