Life's like that


I was on my way to work this morning and received a phone call from Carol, a life-long friend of mine. She was fired from her job of 10 years today due to ‘philosophical differences’ between her and her new boss. Her new boss started about 2 months ago – and her and Carol didn’t see eye-to-eye on some pretty pertinent ethical issues (Carol works in healthcare, also). Carol works in the area of Marketing/Intake.

Carol is a great person. Heart of gold – – dependable as the day is long with excellent skills, which I haven’t met many people who could hold a candle to her skill level. Any organization would be incredibly lucky to have her on board.

So, I’m sitting at work today – – thinking about Carol. Wishing I could help. Then my boss comes in and says “Hey – Megan down in the Brookfield office gave her resignation today – – if you know of anyone in Marketing/Intake, let me know – or keep an eye out.”

Sometimes, life’s just like that.

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