Liar Liar


In front of her boss – – Ken and I caught OUR boss in two bold faced lies about some extremely important patient care issues. Outright lies they were. She was in the process of re-telling the lies and defending herself as we were in the process of showing, proof-positive, that she lied then, and was lying now.

Fast forward to later in the day….. my boss’s boss came to Ken and I and said this:

“I’m really interested in keeping her (our boss) here and making this work. I’m committed to that. What do you guys need in order for that to happen?”

Ken says, “Honestly? At this point? It won’t happen.”

She says, “Lisa??” and looks at me.

I said, “She didn’t have credibility in my eyes prior to this – – today’s example destroyed any possibility of her ever gaining it.”

She replies, “I need you guys to be positive. I WANT to make this work.”

We shrugged and walked off.

Why, at this point, would she want to keep this person around? It is completely and utterly beyond my comprehension. No skin off my back, really – – by the end of this month – my resignation will be submitted for reasons other than my bosses (lack of) credibility. However – – it still astounds me that upper management will try to squeeze water from a stone.

The first step toward solution is admitting the problem exists.

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