Leaving, on a jet plane


I really shouldn’t be sitting here blogging. I have so much to do tonight – I won’t be going to bed until way way after midnight.

Chris and I are leaving tomorrow night for NYC and we’ll be gone through Monday, December 1st. We’re flying into Newark and are spending the week at his mother’s country house, upstate. I’m really looking forward to meeting his mom and sister — this should be a fun trip. Even if I am nervous about meeting them for the first time 🙂

I haven’t packed yet, and we are, literally, leaving for the airport just as soon as I’m done working tomorrow afternoon. So I guess I should get my butt moving on the whole packing thing. Anyone wanna come over and do it for me? I’m a horrible packer!

I bought a wireless, optical mouse this week – and let me just say, I love it tons!

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