Layla, R.I.P.


Around here – – we’re staying with the story that the baby died of SIDS. But, with you – my blogging friends . . . I’ll make the confession and hope it stays within these walls.

The real story is . . . . . it’s batteries ran out.

So much for an effective program. Good intentions and all – – but it doesn’t work if they send a baby home with 1/4 of the battery power.


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16 thoughts on “Layla, R.I.P.”

  1. Heheh. I think your diagnosis is absolutely right. (And I speak as a parent who has had a real SIDS experience.)

  2. OMG! Guess what! I have the doll 2day and well that’s it! And it cries every 20 min! So after 1am I can take out the battery! YAY! And I’m sry for ur loss.:(! Well bye!

  3. This doll… Is a trick. But possibly a good one. I took this thing home in 8th grade… And my grandmother got sick of it crying and drop kicked it down the stairs. Of course she wrote a letter apologizing profusely and they gave me a second chance. I did fine, but it drove me insane and I swore off sex and babies for years lol.
    Now that I am 22 years old and expecting my 2nd baby in just a month, I realize how overdone that doll was. My daughter cried here and there, but she was a pretty good baby and nothing near as horrible as that doll! My husband totally agrees!
    BTW, they make them rechargeable now! You plug a charger into the dolls back and the wall. lol. So realistic!

  4. Just in case one is interested. The Baby Think It Over Simulator are being listed on Ebay. I have three of them, 2 Boys and 1 Girl. They are so so real, just received the control unit today so now I can program them and see how much fun it really is. These are the Generation 6 versions, the model just before the new ones came out that are now wireless. Oh boy…. now Bluetooth has been made into the Baby Think It Over. The 3 three that I have were really in excellent condition, they were used in a Girl Scout Baby Think It Over parenting program, they look brand new. They even smell like a real infant too.

  5. One other item when you search on Ebay for the Baby Think It Over simulators put “Baby Think It Over” in the search area, then you will get all items for Baby Think It Over.

  6. I found your blog via a Google Search tonight and enjoyed reading about Layla. It sounds like the SIDS was maybe a blessing in disguise. LOL

    These babies have always intrigued me and I feel that it is a very worthwhile program. Regrettably, it is one that our school does not offer.

    I was able to find the dolls for sale this evening and ordered one as a birthday present for myself (I make, design and collect dolls). Hopefully, this is a purchase that I won’t regret. The baby will be reborned and eventually will be up at my website if you’d like to take a peek.

    Here’s a couple links to purchase various types of these automated dolls:

  7. ok so i found this blog while looking for more info on the baby think it over and well i am so scared to get it. I am in 10th grade and for health we have to get the baby and we start next wed. and well i am the first one to get the baby along with one of my friends adn i am so scared so if you could, could u email some pointers becuase i havea feeling my brother will probably kill it n well not good so thank you

  8. I Have had my baby think it over for 3days and im sick of it already i have it for ten days in total but hopefully it will run out of charge,, i was really looking forward to getting the baby and i didnt think it would put me of having kids of my own.. but it has.. BUT.. my mum has fallen in love with it and has now decided that she is going to try for another baby..x 7 days to go until i can get rid of baby sydney even tho i am lucking forward to it in a way i fink i will miss her :d

  9. I’m in 9th grade and in Teen Living at my school. I’ve had my baby for about 1 day now and it’s really anoying. I thought it was gonna be fun. Boy, I was wrong. And I’m also sick, which makes it even worse. I try to sleep to get feeling better, but then that baby wakes me up. I cannot wait ’til Monday at 7 am when that thing turns off.

  10. Yes, babies do require a lot of work. But babies don’t know when their parents are not feeling well, and must be taken care of even when your ill. I hope the experience with “Baby Think It Over” was a way for you to see how demanding of time and resources an infant can be.

    I feel that you shouldn’t have a baby until you are married and have the time and money to support a baby full time. Having a baby will effect you for a lifetime!

    But children do offer plenty of rewards later on in life, A Baby is a Gift From God!


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