Next up . . Lara Chelak – who is another new designer at E.Webscapes. Lara signed on with us this week and we’ve already been putting her to work.

From her bio at E.Webscapes:

Don’t be fooled by her age, at only 16 years old this girl knows her stuff! Lara stands on the bleeding edge of web design. She contributes a special flair to her designs you won’t find anywhere else! Lara has taught herself everything she knows (from the most advanced CSS to XHTML & PHP); plus, she is constantly looking for and adapting new ideas and ways to her style. Lara is a self proclaimed perfectionist and won’t be content with anything less than the best for her designs.

Definitley don’t be fooled by her age – – this girl can design! When she first contacted me about my job posting, one of the first things she told me was that she is only 16 and hoped that wouldn’t affect my decision to hire her.

Kids these days, hey? I think the up and coming generation of kids rule the internet and are, of course, the future of all things tech – – and Lara is making a great start. Her skills are top notch and I’m thinkin’ I’ll probably learn a thing or two for her.

Her personal blog is over at TheDesired.NET – – hop on over there and give her a visit . . . congrats. . . kudos. . . words of warning – you know the routine.

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  1. I think it is so cool that you can see talent with this stuff even in a 16 year old. You are really doing a two-fold good thing here, too. You are giving her priceless experience in this field, not to mention a paycheck and she gets to be a 16 year old with a REALLY EFFING COOL JOB.

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