Lake Shots


We’ve been spending some time out on the lake these days, obviously, since it’s all I seem to blog about these days 🙂 I thought I’d share some pics:

After a long day of waterskiing and swimming – here is my nappy head ready to settle down to catch the big one:

And here I am – – fishing:

We took some pictures of the lake at dusk and sunset:

And finally – – the catfish. We need some feedback. Chris and I were trying to decide if this fish was pregnant? That belly is pretty big! We didn’t keep this one – – this lucky catfish was released:

And a close up:

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4 thoughts on “Lake Shots”

  1. That’s a great pic of you casting. I love the sunset pics too. Dang, I really gotta get my boat out of the shed and do a little fishing!

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