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Lady Mac's Musings Ali ordered one new template a week, or so, ago – but then she got bit by the skinning bug and decided to go for another look with a new skin on her site! Tonight, she got her blog a whole new, bright pink and purple outfit to contrast the blue and grey one she already had.

Please go on over and give her a visit – – compliment her on her hair, too – – we worked hard on that 😉

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16 thoughts on “Lady Mac”

  1. It’s not just your considerbale talent Lisa – it is also the patience you show people like me. I think that is 75% of a successful business. “You had me at hello”

  2. And my spelling is a mask for my stupidity. Yuck – my spelling and grammar stinketh.:mad:

    Lisa – You are beautiful, talented, and insane. That is great!:mrgreen:

  3. Lis, I like the tone of this blog so much better than the one I usually frequent.

    Every one in here is so laid back and cool with eachother.

    Just thought I would drop in and say hi. Now I’m off to argue with libs. Maybe I’ll run into you later.

    Adios 😉

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