Labor Day


Off to the usual, annual Labor Day cook out at Mom’s today. It’s also the day that we celebrate her birthday – which is on Sept. 2nd. She turned 61 this year – – is she getting old . . . or am I? Hmm. . . I think we’re both just aging well.. . and let’s leave it at that. We usually do this cook out on Labor Day, itself – but this year, schedules were conflicted – – so we all decided on the Sunday before. Is it over yet?? I tolerate these family cookouts about as well as I tolerate stubbing my toe. . . it’s painful, but, in time, the pain will pass. Oh the things we do for family, eh?

I stayed up way to late last night reading “Unfit for Command” and am finding the book, itself, much more compelling than the news reports or advertisements. I’ve heard John Kerry’s version of his Vietnam years, now I’m able to read another version of those same years – – ain’t America great? That’s how I feel about this whole Swift Boat controversy – – let both sides speak and let the American people decide for themselves. I think both sides should be heard, particularly because Kerry has made his Vietnam experience the cornerstone for his campaign, and one of the top reasons why he’s qualified for Commander in Chief.

I have a bunch of work waiting for me to accomplish after the holiday weekend. Michael is taking advantage of our Out Damn Spot! special for people who use Blogger… and he’s making the switch over to WordPress on our servers. Look for his change to happen over the course of the next few days! Suzi is also making the switch over to WordPress – – her changes will be taking place over the next 24 – 48 hours, too — so keep an eye out for them. One of our newest hosting clients is about to get his site completed over at Crossroads Arabia – now that we’ve finally figured out what is needed up there. John is currently caught up in Hurricaine Frances – – so I’m thinking good thoughts for him – – speaking of hurricaine friends – – I’m hoping Randy is hanging in there, too!

Lots of work to keep me busy, off the streets and out of trouble!!

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Have a great Labor Day holiday, all!

3 thoughts on “Labor Day”

  1. I can honestly say that this was the worst labor day weekend I have ever had.

    Stupid stinking stupid storm.

    Thanks for the good thoughts. I just got my electricity back and while someone elses roof is in front of my building my family, friends and I are doing fine.

  2. I’m glad you advocate balance, and learning both sides of a story. I would be interested in hearing your objective critiques of F9-11 and Outfoxed. Will you be reading Kitty Kelly’s upcoming book on Bush, as well? I’ll read Unfit if you do!

  3. Now steven, there’s a deal I cannot turn down.

    F9/11 I could not stomach, I have to say and didn’t watch the movie, nor do I have plans to. I see it as blatant propaganda that has been refuted with facts. I have no use for Michael Moore, as you well know.

    I’d be more than willing to read Kitty Kelly’s book, quite honestly. Before I read it – I can state that I think it’s probably a very predictable story of a bitter woman scorned and rejected by a family she now envies – – but, hey – I could be totally wrong..and I’m willing to give it a read to find out.

    So, when does our read-a-thon begin?

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