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I’m a singer. The first time I went to college – I majored in Vocal Performance with a Minor in Music Education. I play the piano and the violin. I always wanted to teach myself how to play the guitar – but never got around to it. In the late ’80s – early 90’s, I made a living as the lead singer of a local/regional rock band called “Tygress”. After two years – Tygress split up and three of us re-grouped, hired a few other musicians and formed a new band called “Kid Sister”. We did it for kicks – – we weren’t one of those serious garage bands who were aspiring to be the next one-hit wonder on the Top 40. Nah. We just had a blast doing Heart, Benatar covers – along with other miscellaneous female groups/singers of the time.

The band broke up sometime in 91-92-ish when we all grew up and decided to do something with our lives. Our drummer became a doctor. Our guitarist became a vet. Our bassist is doing techie stuff for IBM (last time I checked), our other guitarist is doing radio out in NYC on the S&D Show for EYada (last time I checked) and our back-up singer moved to Atlanta to do something…not quite sure what, though.

I became a nurse and a mother. I remain involved in music today – somewhat. I still play the piano…sometimes I use it as my therapy the way some people use Prozac. I also hire myself out as a soloist for weddings. I started by doing the weddings of family members and friend – – but soon, word got around and inevitably everytime I sing at a wedding – – one or two of the visitors has a wedding coming up, or knows someone with a wedding coming up, who needs a soloist for the ceremony – and I’m hired.

As a result – springtime can sometimes be a hectic and busy time for a soloist. The one thing I really despise about it is the choice of music for the ceremony. The money is usually pretty good – – so I just tolerate the crap that I have to learn and perform. I have a wedding coming up in a few weeks when I have to sing “How do you fall in love” by Alabama, “Grow Old Along With Me” by Mary Chapin-Carpenter, “Walk with me, Lord” and some other country song that I don’t know yet.

I grin an bear it because I’ll make about $500 for a 1-hour wedding ceremony. Sometimes I’ll have up to 8-10 ceremonies in a month, which makes for nice pocket change. I guess I’ll just be thankful that for this particular one – – I don’t have to do any Celine Dion garbage. I’ve done enough Celine music at weddings to choke a horse.

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  1. I think it’s really interesting to look at the songs people pick for their weddings. They say both a lot about a couple and sometimes very little at all. I’m also baffled by how some couples seem to have no problem with being cliche. “Oh, this MUST be a romantic wedding song because everyone else we know has used it at their wedding!” Bleh. Weddings are supposed to be unique and memorable–not just like everyone else’s. You should break into Pat’s “Love is a Battlefield.” I think that would be pretty memorable. 😉

  2. I think breaking into Heart’s “Barracuda” would also be memorable!

    My top 3 requests for wedding songs?

    “I Honestly Love You” Olivia Newton-John
    “Evergreen” Barbra Streisand
    “Because You Loved Me” Celine Dion

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