Subliminal Koolaid Time to visit another great new blogger to the blogosphere over at Subliminal Koolaid! He got his very recent start over on BlogSpot – but very quickly realized the benefits of having a more reliable blogging platform like WordPress. So he grabbed ahold of our Fresh Start package and became the most recent addition to the Blogs About Buds.

He’s already got some great content going over there – – give him a visit and a warm welcome!

11 thoughts on “Koolaid!”

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  2. Hey, it was only 4 yesterday! lol

    Like I said, it’s what happens when I turn off my internet chat programs – – you think I’m kidding, but I distract easy! lol

  3. If I dreamed about my job it would bore me to sleep…. I wonder if you can dream about sleeping…. and I wonder if you dream in your sleep in you dreams…..

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