Kitties Done!


Leanne has finished my kitties! Here they are:

Aren’t they beautiful?? She did an absolutely tremendous job with them! The girl is CRAZY talented!!

Intricate Art Leanne’s blog got a facelift too, courtesy of E.Webscapes. Leanne was really the artistic designer behind this whole look – – she provided all of the images from the background – to the beautiful picture of herself up in the right corner. All I did was provide some of the technical know-how in the style sheet and cutting up all of her graphics to place them all back together again on her site. She has a second and third skin coming in the next few weeks – so keep an eye out for changes!

Farr West Daily News David is a repeat customer of mine – – I never tire doing work for him, he’s such a pleasure to work with. He wanted a news site that can be serious, but at times be sarcastic with a little parody thrown in for good measure. Give him a visit – say hi. But, above all – thank him for his wonderful service to this country. He is currently stationed in Iraq . . . and as citizens of this great country, we can’t thank him, and his family enough.

More work to be done – – I’ve got a TON of projects sitting in queue. Some of them almost done – – some just started, others untouched. Enough to keep a girl busy, off the streets and outta trouble!

Got some shopping finished up today, too. WHEW! Talk about last minute! Chris is going to LOVE what I got him this year – – but I can’t post about it because I know he’ll peek here. Somedays I wish my blog were unknown to him so I could talk about this thing! lol

For tonight, a little more work – – then I’ll hang up the computer . . break out the brandied egg nog and wrap some gifts!

8 thoughts on “Kitties Done!”

  1. Awww, your kitties are soooo cute. What a great picture.

    I had another adventure of misreading while reading this post. You wrote: “Somedays I wish my blog were unknown to [Chris] so I could talk about this thing!”

    I thought you wrote: “so I could talk about HIS thing!” Heh heh heh … he, cough, yeah.

    Just so you know? I only share the funniest of my misreads.

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  3. One of my clients titled your painting for you. “Meet me out back with the catnip in 10 minutes.”

    I told her if it weren’t a custom portrait, she’d have won the titling contest!

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