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Back in mid-May, I made an announcement here about a new book that I was contracted to write for Wiley Publishing, TypePad For Dummies.    I’m still very active in my WordPress For Dummies project, as a matter of fact, I just updated the book recently for a reprint and a 3rd edition of WordPress For Dummies is scheduled to start this year.  Since I did not have any other books on my schedule for 2009, I took the opportunity offered by Wiley to write the TypePad book.  That has now changed, however;  a lot can  happen in 2-3 weeks – – keeping up with technology in print is a really big undertaking and I’ve been really impressed with the way Wiley has approached that challenge  – as an author, we just roll with it and move along at a frantic pace to keep up and ahead of the game.

What’s changed for me is that I am no longer the scheduled author for TypePad For Dummies, even though I had signed the contract and had already written the TOC (Table of Contents) and was well on my way to getting the first 25% of content delivered.  I had my summer scheduled around the writing of that book, understanding that it needed to be done so I could begin the work on the 3rd edition of WordPress For Dummies.

Last week, right before I left for WordCamp Chicago, I had a long heart to heart with my editor at Wiley (Amy, I love you!) – we talked long about the exciting developments coming out of the WordPress dev. community, and from Automattic, as well.  We discussed the excitement surrounding applications like BuddyPress and WordPress MU and I shared information on things that I know of regarding future plans for further development and innovation – – I think I made her head spin just a little (heh.  welcome to the club!).

During our phone call, it was decided that it made more sense for me to stay focused on WordPress related projects that Wiley is currently involved with, considering my work on the WordPress For Dummies project and within the WP community, as a whole – –  Wiley has a lot of  WordPress related resource and reference material planned over the coming year.  I have to say that Wiley Publishing has become true believers in the WordPress product and have caught the bug that so many of us feel within the community.

While I was excited to do the TypePad book – mostly because I do know that platform very well and I do love the opportunity to share that knowledge to help users learn and grow with their own content publishing efforts, no matter their platform of choice – and I am a bit sad to let that contract go.  TypePad is going through some exciting times right now with their new platform roll out soon – users will be so much happier with the development that the TypePad team has been working so hard on.    I do know that Wiley has an exciting author lined up to take my place as I return my focus back into the WordPress arena.

Also wanted to give a shout out to the TypePad folks who were so helpful and encouraging during the early phases of getting the TypePad For Dummies book project up and rolling – Claire Alcock, Andy Wibbles and Anil Dash – thanks for your support and encouragement.  The new author of TypePad For Dummies is one lucky person to have such an energetic crew around to help and support them towards a successful release.

I’ll have an announcement soon with more specifics – I do have a new WordPress title in the works, and trust that it’s an exciting one!

It seems WordPress and I were destined 🙂

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  1. It is great that you are going to stay focused with WordPress. There are a lot of things on TypePad, but with the way WordPress and its siblings… cousins…whatever you want to call them, you definitely have something there to attack. 😀 I have the WordPress for Dummies. Actually, the one I have is the second one I had to buy. One of my friends ‘borrowed’ and then ‘lost’ it (yeah, that kind of story…ugh).

    I am happy to have met you at WordCamp Chicago and if we meet at any other WordCamp or even WCChicago again, awesome! 🙂

    Thank you for the hard work into the event. I think it was a huge success. 🙂

  2. Cool! (as long as that’s what works for YOU.)

    Even though I said I probably would be needing the WordPress 2 book, but I ended up getting one from you anyhow, it looks like there is quite a bit from it that I will be using — if I ever get around to modifying my themes. Again, thanks!

  3. Gary – I kind of feel that way with each new version of WordPress lol .. “hey, I barely got used to using my current one!”

    Don’t worry – it will be Dec. or Jan before the 3rd edition hits the shelves – – if you haven’t had enough of me by then, perhaps you’ll check that one out, too 😀

    Really, really enjoyed meeting up w/ you in Chicago – – hope we make that a yearly thing!

  4. 🙂 I’m looking forward to buy the 3rd edition of WordPress for Dummies Ms Lisa. I’m very proud to say that my website theme is a product of your WordPress for Dummies 2nd ed.

    1. @Edward, that is really great to hear 🙂 I’ll be updating here when my newest WordPress related book is further along – and when I begin the process of doing WP For Dummies, 3rd Ed. Thanks for reading!

  5. Yay WordPress 🙂 – I actually saw your 2nd ed. in Barnes and Noble today and almost bought it. The first edition is proudly displayed in the shiny new living room!

    1. Lindsey – you mean I haven’t sent you a copy yet? What is wrong with me ?? Further- what is wrong with you for not remind me!?! lol
      Need your new address 🙂

  6. Lisa:

    I finally decided to do a blog, and I bought WordPress for Dummies. Very nice to meet you, indeed! You simplified things greatly for me since I had difficulty with the WordPress site. I feel like I’m going to do just fine with this blogging stuff…as long as I have you to rely on.

    1. @Alice – wonderful to hear the feedback – I’m glad to hear the book has been a helpful resource for you! Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. @Lisa: Who will be the new author for the typepad book? I hope to see another book from you with some advanced topics. WordPress MU and BuddyPress will still take time in going mainstream though, they are ‘mostly’ being used by evangelists.

    1. @Jeet – I am pretty sure Wiley has already confirmed an author for the TypePad book, I’m waiting to hear from them on it – then I will announce it here so people know 🙂

      I’m starting my latest WP-related book this month, and will make an announcement about it as soon as i have it a bit further long in the process. You’d be surprised to find that more and more people are using WPMU and BuddyPress every day. Normally, I get anywhere form 20-25 requests for custom site work on a weekly basis. Mostly, they are requests for custom WordPress work. Lately, though? They’ve almost all been requests for WPMU/BuddyPress deployments. So, I would have to respectfully disagree that only evangelists are using it – – maybe that was true last year, but you’re going to see quite an increase in the number, and types, of sites who are using it. 🙂 It’s pretty exciting – the addition of BuddyPress has quadrupled the excitement surrounding the WPMU platform!

  8. Congrats. Really looking forward to checking it out. I just don’t have the time to learn all of this stuff the hard way so your book will really help me out.

  9. Thanks so much for writing Word Press for Dummies, 2nd edition. I’ve been blogging with TypePad for 5 years and used Movable Type a bit before that. The book completely paved a path for my experiment with converting my static site into a blog-based wordpress site. Excellent, well-written book you wrote there.

  10. Just wanted to say your book wordpress for dummies (1st ed) was an enormus help and gave me confidence to build my own wordpress based site.

    thanks heaps….Grant

  11. Hi,

    Add me to your WordPress Dummy List, I have just signed up for a Bluehost hosting account and have installed the WordPress 2.8.4. I was just wondering if the current edition of WordPress For Dummies, is going to help me understand the 2.8.4 version. Since it’s based on the 2.7.X WordPress version, would the screenshots, in the book, match that of the 2.8.4.

    Took a plunge and got drowned in the navigation of WordPress 2.8.4, most of the video tutorial available online, are based on older versions.

    Can Anyone out there please help me understand this book a little bit more before I take another plunge, buy this book and get drown again. Well I was just wondering if an edited version of this book, based on the 2.8.4 version, is available.

    Me! The Dummy Of All Dummies.


  12. I finally decided to do a blog, and I bought WordPress for Dummies. Very nice to meet you, bro! You simplified things greatly for me since I had difficulty with the simple WordPress site.

  13. I think this book has trmendous features to look out and put into action for making your own wordpress blog. I was looking for some guidance and finally i got from here for wordpress.

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