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SMB TrendWireSMB TrendWire is a new group of entrepreneurs starting a new venture. From their own words: “We are a group of entrepreneurs who are starting a new thing (isn’t that what entrepreneurs do?). We plan to hold a series of “Conversations.” They will be interviews of guests who have interesting stuff to say about being entrepreneurs. Or running small businesses. Or the latest trends in the world of small businesses.” I’ve done some work for one of them in the past, and they contacted me with specs on what they wanted done with this new venture of theirs. Best of luck, guys!

Technocrats OnlineTechnocrats Online is a new site at Blogs About – he’s running his site on pMachine. this is the first time I’ve completed a skin for pMachine . . so it was a new experience for me. We’ll be doing some PHP skinning over on his site within the week, as well – – another new experience, obviously if I haven’t designed for pMachine yet – I certainly haven’t skinned it! But, hey – I’m up for the challenge!


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11 thoughts on “Just a few more”

  1. TreeHugger – – if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times – – change the skin! Use the drop down menu in the far left column and change it back to the Blue Girl!!

    Stop making yourself suffer, you holiday masochist!

  2. I wasn’t talking about the skin. I was talking about the “Merry Christmas Bloggers” tree that is on this one. Sigh. Mind you if you were to dress blue satin girly in a Santa’s little helper outfit, I could deal with that:grin:

  3. Seriously, TH – – what kind of graphic would you want for an Xmas Package? And when is best to run an Xmas package if not a month before Xmas? :: shaking head ::

    The blue satin girl doesn’t have a litle elf outfit – – i’m sure I could find something comperable, however. The fact that you could tolerate it then is showing YOUR true colors . . . pervert 😛


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