Johnny or Matthew?


It’s a tough choice.

Leanne and I were gabbing on the phone this morning and we got onto the topic of Johnny Depp. IS there a bad picture of this guy in existance? I mean – he even dampened my drawers as Edward Scissorhands, for crying out loud.

“It’s because you go for that freaky shit”, Leanne says.

Johnny DeppFreaky shit? Is Johnny Depp freaky? Damn, he better be freaky – or all my day dreams and night sweats were all for naught.

One night, I’m sitting up in bed.. trying to work on my laptop, but being totally distracted by the People Magazine on my nightstand. Chris is sitting next to me – he’s working on his laptop totally engrossed in work. I flip the page in People Magazine and am confronted with this picture of dear Johnny.

Nice. Nice tan line.

Without even thinking that I happen to be right next to my soon-to-be and I should maybe be polite and not openly drool – I made an audible.

Some quite unintelligible sort of mumble/groan/moan that one makes when.. well, when they like what they see, get me? Chris, without even bothering to look over to see what I’m getting all squirmy about says.. “Let me guess… Johnny Depp?”

How’d he know?

So, anyways – back to Leanne. She tells me that Kevin Costner is what does it for her every time. I tell her that Kevin is just too white bread for me – and that’s where she reminds me of my freakiness.

MatthewIt’s not true! Ok – well it’s kind of true … you’d be surprised at some of the freaky things that lie underneath… but I can get into that All American Boy type of genre, too.

Take Matthew McConaughey for instance. How much more blonde, all american can you get? But there’s something about him . . . I think it’s eyes. Those blue, intense eyes. They communicate things to me that have some serious freaky potential. I think it’s that corruptability factor that lies within. Though, I’m sure Matthew doesn’t need my help with the whole corruption bit – – but one can dream, can’t they?

So I’m trying to decide which is better. Confirmed freakiness that you can count on? Or the whisper of possible freaky potential? Both have the same curious factor.

29 thoughts on “Johnny or Matthew?”

  1. I am such an All-American-White-Boy kind of girl. I think exotic is sexay, but so deceptive! I’d rather have the kink in the bedroom with the purely innocent “gotchya” kinda grin out in public.


  2. I liked Johnny Depp back in his 21 Jumpstreet days…but now he just doesn’t do it for me.

    Matthew, on the other hand…Oh, the things I could do with that boy…and if he wasn’t freaky I think he’d be worth teaching…

    Another one who totally does it for me…is The Rock (without all that tatto crap). OMG I never wanted to be a stripper before I saw “Walking Tall”..but when that came out I seriously considered changing occupations…and undergoing much plastic surgury so I could pull it off.

  3. I came here looking for Thursday Thirteen but then saw a pic of Johnny Depp so I stayed…MMMM mMMM MMMMM! and if you like the freaky or even the somewhat freaky…how do you feel about Criss Angel? the Mindfreak? hotdiggitydamn! I guessing you like him too…yes? Stacie

  4. From one Brewtown girl to another :)>– How about you combine your need for something to do this weekend with your passion for Johnny Depp. Take a few hours out to go see The Libertine. That’s what I intend to do anyway. I hear it’s hot and steamy (but then what isn’t when JD is in it?)and I could go for some hot steamy Johnny.:p

  5. Even as a straight guy I can’t deny that Matthew is hotter than heck! If it helps things out, a friend of mine met him and told me that he’s a borderline midget.

  6. Michael . . she *is* very sexy. But as far as asian women go? Give me Lucy Lu in leather any day of the week. Did you see her in Charlie’s Angels in that scene where she plays the Dominatrix type? Wow!

  7. Jade – from Milwaukee?? Cool 😀

    If I knew you at all, I’d say let’s go see The Libertine! lol

    Gotta love a Johnny Depp film where the tagline of the movie is “He didn’t resist temptation. He pursued it.

    I think I’ll be seeking that out at Blockbuster for the weekend! Thanks for dropping by!

  8. I was visiting around and found your lovely blog. Congratulations! It´s beautiful here. I´m very fond of Depp and love everything he does. He is my choice today and always :d

  9. Libertine is in the theater, not blockbuster. For Matthew mrs. Knight and I actually went to a movie last week and saw Failure to Launch. We both loved it, and everybody else in the theater seemed to too. Yes, it’s a predictable romantic comedy, but still extremely enjoyable.

    Mmmmmmmmm. Dominatrix Lucy. She could beat me raw darn near any time! The look was also right up there with her in Kill Bill

  10. See how I keep up with movies in the theater? It’s been so long since I’ve watched a movie in a theater! I think the last time I actually went was ‘movie night’ with my daughter last year when we went to see Coach Carter.

    Hmm.. to wait for it to come out on DVD or actually go see it? Decisions decisions.

    Lucy in Kill Bill… more wow!

  11. Mmm..Matthew all day long and twice on Sunday. His smile is killer.

    I’m a little concerned that the pic you have of him here seems to be addressed to someone named “Thomas”, though…

    Dude, I’m not THAT freaky. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    And that pic of Depp. Lordy, Lordy. I love those jeans..low rise, kind of baggy but not too much. Rawk!

  12. Wait. That picture of Depp is hot? Seriously? I don’t get it. And girls say guys are lying when we say we can’t tell if guys are sexy. We weren’t raised on fashion magazines with models of our gender in them like girls are.

  13. While I adore Matthew….Johnny is and always will be my obsession. The man is just….spectacular. He’s got so many levels, not to mention he is so damned easy on the eyes.

    So, yeah, Johnny Depp > Matthew McConaughey.

  14. Ew, how could you possibly even THINK of choosing Matthew over Johnny? Johnny is the sexiest guy whose ever breathed! He’s just so damn fine!

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