Its been a really good week


I’m rounding the bend.. hurtling towards my second deadline, which is due March 1. It will be a solid few days of writing between now and then until I have to start working on my third deadline (March 31.) Someone here told me that this book thing was a GOOD idea — who was it?? *leering* I blame the callouses on my fingertips on you – I hope you feel guilty!

Overall, its been a good week. My friend Leanne has had a BANNER week – and I know mine does not compare… but still a good one in the grand scheme of things.

I released a theme for WordPress this week. It was such a major effort for me that I gave it its own website. Actually, this theme has been in play for quite sometime – but I took it and revised it, brushed it off and its all shiny and new. Why its own website? Because the WP Themes site has kind of turned into a… well… lets just say its unmanaged. I’ll probably move all the rest of my themes over to the xMark site, as soon as I find some time to brush those off and shine ’em up a bit, too.

My wonderful hubby is throwing some of our money at the stupid investment of the week. The conversation on Yahoo IM went something like this:

Chris: we are going to make a $XXXX gamble
Lisa: we are? why?
Chris: check out this link

***I go read***

Lisa: so we are throwing $XXXX at the stupid investment of the week??
Chris: gut says the FCC wont deny it so i figure its worth a risk, its a 3$ stock
Chris: if the deal goes through.. 21-22$ a share – it would be like playing it on a blackjack hand. lol. but the odds on loosing more than say half the investment amount is not a big deal.
Lisa: Did you already do it?
Chris: Yep
Lisa: Ok then – but the next time I throw money at the blackjack table… i do not want to hear a PEEP outta you!

His confidence, spontaneity and unpredictability are just a FEW of the things that attracted me to him back in 2001 when we first met – – so this should come as no surprise… it just better not be his undoing when it comes to this stupid investment of the week! Heh. However, he does let me indulge my gambling habits whenever I’m around a blackjack table – so I guess I’ll give him this. Just tell me this… investing in a stock that is considered the “Stupid Investment of the Week” … a good idea? bad idea? I’m not savvy enough in the whole ‘playing the market’ thing to feel overly confident. To me, if some market expert says it is stupid.. then, isn’t it stupid? I guess market experts are like political experts in that .. yes, they understand the market and they are smart folks – – but their opinions aren’t always correct. I dunno – I guess we’ll find out lol

Lastly – it snowed 6 inches last night. That means tomorrow? I’m taking a 2 hour break and going skiing. I mean it. I am! I’ve had enough of sitting in this house and working constantly. I’m gonna ski, dammit!

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