It's All About The O


O for Out of Stock, that is.

Don’t you hate when you make an order from a website and don’t find out until 3 weeks later – – after you’ve raised lots of fuss with their customer service department, that the item you ordered is out of stock and has been out of stock for quite some time?

Even when their website says that the item is IN stock?


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2 thoughts on “It's All About The O”

  1. I fear I’m going through this very thing right now. I found out Burt’s Bees discontinued it’s Bay Rum aftershave and balm. That’s the only thing I’ve been using on my face for three years, so when I found a website still selling it I bought a handful of bottles. That was three weeks ago and I haven’t received anything. I can’t even get customer service to respond to my emails. Grr.

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