Is This Day Over Yet?


It started out ok. It was, after all, not a bad day, overall – just a really busy and hectic day. I got an email from Randy telling me that he was ready to make the switch from TypePad over to our servers at Blogs About – which is great! We got his DNS switched over to ours and I was thinking I’d have a day, or two, to convert his blog template over to WordPress, install WordPress – configure it, install a few of the nicer plugins, etc. etc. Wouldn’t you know that his damn domain resolved in ONE HOUR? So then it was no longer a leisurely thing – it was a RIGHT NOW thing.

His template conversion went smoothly. The import from TypePad went smoothly. Amazingly enough, everything went pretty smooth and I had his site up and going on our servers within a few hours. Phew! I’m happy that Randy got off TypePad, though – – I hate to see people blogging with inferior tools. 😉

Then I received two new custom template orders in my email.

Then I received three new hosting account sign ups in my email.

Earlier today, for 4 hours, I saw patients for Hospice.

My mother called me and had to rant politics at me for about an hour.

Chris missed his flight out of Atlanta due to weather and delays – – he’s flying in, but not until midnight now.

Possum Oh, did I mention that there was a possum in my garbage can! Do you KNOW how ugly those things are?!? I’m sorry, but there is NOTHING snuggly and cute about these things! They have five little pink, snubby fingers on each paw and a gross little pig nose – – and there he was sitting in my garbage can that it had tipped over and gotten the top off of!

So my son goes out there to scare the thing away — which doesn’t work. Why? BECAUSE THEY PLAY POSSUM! I tried telling him. But 14 year old boys know better, don’t they?

So I’m freaking out over the possum. Not sure why it was freaking me – I mean, it was outside, I was inside – but it was still freaking me. In the middle of freaking out – I’m trying to calmly answer Randy’s emails about his site AND talk on the phone to UG at the same time – – while trying to get my son’s attention OFF the possum and back ON to changing the litter in the cat box, like he was supposed to be doing in the first place. Which is how we found the possum, when he went to take the garbage bag of old litter outside….

Good grief – – give that girl a Valium!

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