Insomnia Induced Ramblings


You’d think I’d be dropping dead into bed right about now.

Not so, apparently. Not that I tend to blog much about our sex life – – but Chris and I are opposite ends of the coin when it comes to post-coital activities. Him? He sleeps it off. Me? The adrenaline rush is still rushing through my vessels, and it takes me forever to come down. Not that I mind it — I get my much needed snuggles n’ such – – but then he crashes, and I’m up for awhile. So, here I am – why not blog?

He made dinner earlier tonight. No one on the face of this earth can grill a New York Strip like my man. He does this soy sauce, honey, garlic with a touch of olive oil type marinate and he grills them perfectly – – it’s pure heaven to behold. We had a nice quiet dinner outside on the patio, right before dusk. The timing is important in these parts – – because it’s dusk when our state bird comes out in swarms. The mosquito. It’s not quite dark enough for the light of the bug zappers to attract them – – and just dark and cool enough for my arms and legs to look like dinner to them. So, if we’re going to do dinner outside – – it has to be sometime between 5 or 6pm . . . anytime after and we might be picked up and flown off to places unknown.

We made a concerted effort not to talk about work over dinner. He and I are both so swamped – and he’s only home, again, until Sunday night – – so we talked everything else but. We both took tally over how many times the “M” word came up in our separate conversations this week. People on his side are asking – – people on my side are asking. It seems to be the thing to talk about these days, for everyone but us. It seems to bother everyone but Chris and I – – and it’s kind of fun. We may never get married just for the entertainment value, alone.

Talk then turned to politics – as it usually does at some point or another. Talking politics with Chris is interesting. The man is intelligent and very perceptive. He calls himself a ‘right leaning independent’ – but what he is is a Brit with a cynical view of America and Americans. Like most Europeans – he feels that Americans (most particularly prior to 9/11), not as a whole – but in the majority, fail to think outside their own borders with a knowledgeable world view. He feels that we’re arrogant, in that we feel that the US is the super power of the world – – where he thinks the rest of the world views us as the big bully on the block with barely enough history behind ourselves to give us the wisdom that centuries of history brings to the Europe.

All of that, and the man looooooooooves to play devil’s advocate and will always argue the other side – whether he agrees with it or not, just to argue. He loves to argue – – he likes to call it ‘expanding my thinking’. But he usually makes very good and valid points – – and never allows me to settle with my vast right wing conspiracy agenda. When he and I first met – – the arguments over politics, foreign policy and world affairs were a daily occurrence which usually resulted in one of the two of us hanging up on one another, vowing not to call the other back until they would allow the other to get a word in edgewise.

It was frustrating as hell, while at the same time – sometimes some of the most powerful aphrodisiac known to man. I know – call me odd – – but passionate debate, discussion and arguments can do that to me. I know I can’t be the only one.

In the end, however – – he admits fully that if he were an American citizen – his vote would go to Bush. For reasons of national security, terrorism and yes, the economy. He says he can’t stomach the democrats and their dependence on what society can give them without them having to strive and work to earn what you get in life. He and I are usually on the same page, politically – – he just loves to debate and argue, and even more – loves to push my buttons.

This is the man, who is currently snoring and drooling in the other room, whom I adore. I’d marry him if he’d ask – in a heartbeat. But that would take all the fun out of witnessing everyone else’s anxiety over the persistent absence of that ring on my left hand!

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5 thoughts on “Insomnia Induced Ramblings”

  1. Joe and I have the same sort of political “discussions.” Oh, and I too am unable to sleep after sex. The adrenaline is rampant and I’m likely to go cook a meal or clean the house instead of drifting off to sleep.

    I can barely wait until Friday. We should have some great conversation 🙂

  2. My husband is Canadian and shares the exact same views as Chris.. although he communicates them MUCH more effectively than his family who sometimes makes me feel insulted with their view on Americans. I think that it can go both ways- they definitely fail to think outside of their borders too occasionally.
    Anyway, I think the adrenaline thing might be isolated to women. My husband wants to fall asleep too, while I sit up smoking, chattering about anything and everything. 😉

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