I'm going dark


No, I’m not going underground and hiding out – – my design is going dark! I’ve been SO white and pink for way too long and I’m feeling a dark period coming on. I’ve been working on my new redesign for several weeks, in between client projects – – adding to it, taking away from it – – throwing it all out the window and staring over. No big spectacular plans for anything mindblowing. My goal here is this: simplify with style. I hope you’ll like it – – for that matter, I hope I like it! My time for designing my own site is precious little.. so I guess if I don’t like it, I can always go back to the pink and white, eh?

With my new design – I’ll post about some of the great WordPress plugins I used to make it all happen… and maybe even some WordPress plugins that you may have never heard of, but are great ones and should be heard! Here’s a little sneak peek at the color scheme I chose:


While I’m moving away from the pink – – I couldn’t help but use a touch of it in the new design! Anyone who has been visiting here for a long time knows that, in the beginning, almost every single one of my themes were various shades of blue. I started trying to break away from the blues about 2 years ago.. but this new design is bringing the blues back. Maybe the blues will help me get my blogging mojo back?

Probably won’t be posting until after the new year – – so let me take this chance to wish you a happy (and safe!) new year’s celebration! If you drink, don’t drive.. if you drive, don’t drink.. friends don’t let friend drink and drive…and so on, and so forth.

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12 thoughts on “I'm going dark”

  1. Just came across your site from your Amazon profile about your WordPress for Dummies book. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your tutorial in progress.

    I have a couple of questions about your book though. I read the contents pages but I want to know this before I order it. Do you cover PHP coding to any extent or should I buy another book if I really want to know more about it? Also can I learn how to insert pictures (like my headshot) anywhere I like in a template? I’m a Java programmer in the making. Is it easy to incorporate Java applets into a WordPress site?

    I’ve been using the WordPress format for a few months now. If the book can teach me how to edit the various parts of a template that will be worth the purchase price to me.


  2. I remember your very first one. It was pink and it had a mermaid woman on it…I forget the artist but she is very popular.


  3. omg.. yea I remember that one. It was an Olivia! That was back when I used some obscure blogging platform .. I forget what it was called.. Blurty, maybe? It was a hosted thing.. I think it was even you who turned me on to it, back then.

  4. @Martin – the book will take you through WP templates, the structure, the tags, etc.

    It is not a book that will teach you PHP – but, rather, shows you how to use PHP as it relates to WordPress (via the WP template tags), and gives a very basic rundown on how PHP works as it relates to WordPress.

    It is also not a book that will teach you HTML or CSS, unfortunately – given the vast amount of content related to the use of WordPress, my editors did not provide me with enough room to go on about HTML and CSS 🙂 I do know there is an HTML/CSS book for Dummies available on Amazon, if you wanted to look into that.


  5. Yep, yep and yep.

    We’re like old lady bloggers. I think we started with Blurty, moved to Blogger, them MT. I think you went to WP after that but you’ve used EE too, haven’t you?

    I just went from MT to EE.

    I think we could very well be the world’s oldest bloggers.

  6. O.K. PHP as it relates to WordPress will suffice.

    I’m reviewing my XHTML skills with another book during the holidays and CSS with a different book once the next semester starts so I’m good with those.

    I think I’ll go ahead and order yours then so I can end my WordPress confusions/frustrations.

    Thanks for your help…….Martin

  7. I think I went from Blurty to MT to WP – – I never went the Blogger direction, and EE gives me migraines… great program.. but ohhhhhhh the headaches it gives! :p I’ve never used it for my own blog, no. I went to WP in ’03 and have not used anything else since.

    We’re old – – but fabulous!

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