IE7 Screenshot – OH! The irony of it all


So, the new and improved Microsoft product that we’ve all be waiting for (well, maybe YOU’VE been waiting for) was released today. Does the crow go wild? Hardly.

I did a post about it over here. If you haven’t turned off your automatic updates – don’t be surprised to wake up in the morning to find that you now have a completely different browser than what you were used to (that is directed towards IE users).

All this talk about security. All this talk about improved protection against virus issues, malware, and the like. Improved CSS support. Built-in RSS reader. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. I, personally, will not upgrade for quite some time to come. I’m not an IE user by default – but I do have to load it for site testing purposes, but I have other methods of testing in IE7 without having to install it on my machine quite yet. I’ll wait for the gazillion patches and upgrades that are sure to follow. Hey – it’s Microsoft.. of COURSE there will be a gazillion patches. I’ll wait until it breaks on other machines – read the reviews… wait until problems get solved and then maybe I’ll upgrade at some point in 6 months or a year from now.

As it stands today – this post over at PCAdvisor reveals that an exploit was found immediately following the release of IE7:

Danish security company Secunia ApS reported today that IE7 contains an information disclosure vulnerability, the same one it reported in IE6 in April. The vulnerability affects the final version of IE7 running on Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

If a surfer uses IE7 to visit a maliciously crafted website, that site could exploit the security flaw to read information from a separate, secure site to which the surfer is logged in. That could enable an attacker to read banking details, or messages from a web-mail account, said Thomas Kristensen, Secunia’s chief technology officer.

“A phishing attack would be a good place to exploit this,” he said.

SlashDot is also reporting a vulnerability: So much for the “you wanted it easier and more secure” slogan found on Microsoft’s IE Website.”

The irony I speak of? Have a look at this screenshot taken today by a visitor to the Microsoft IE7 download page. “Upgrade with confidence” their site says – – yea, maybe when they remove the virus off their download page! Heh.

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6 thoughts on “IE7 Screenshot – OH! The irony of it all”

  1. Firefox got my vote long, long ago – I’ll be sticking with Firefox, myself. However, in my line of work – I do have to be aware of the other browsers out there. So, eventually I’ll have to download the monster and let it have its way with my system. But, I”ll tell ya – I’ll be doing it kicking and screaming the whole way! :-b

  2. thats horrible. wow. no i will never use IE7. i dont even use the current one i have. yea i’m on AoL but i open FF when i want to do the major stoof. AoL just… is there for when im lazy. :d

  3. I shudder just doing Microsoft’s security updates some times, let along using them as a browser! Nope, it’s Firefox, Thunderbird, and Open Office for me! The new Open Office that came out last week is now going to do extensions like Firefox and Thunderbird too.

  4. Firefox will still remain my number one browser. Microsoft has really fallen behind and although I do have IE6 installed on my system it’s only for those rare occasions when I come across a website that won’t function correctly in Firefox. That of course is not the fault of Firefox but those who designed the website in question.

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