I stepped in cat puke and lived to blog about it


You just know it’s time to call it a day when you walk up the stairs into the kitchen to make coffee and on your way back down to the office, you step in a big SPLAT of cat puke that that nasty feline laid on the tile floor, just after you passed through. Not only do you step in it.. but you slip and slide and land on your ass right ON TOP of said cat puke splat…spilling your beloved espresso all over the walls.

Sweet dreams, everyone – tomorrow is another day.

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10 thoughts on “I stepped in cat puke and lived to blog about it”

  1. What you didn’t see is said cat hiding in the corner with a digicam hoping to win the $10,000 grand prize on “America’s Funniest Humans.” :d

    But look at it this way…the day can only get better, right? LOL

  2. Around here, the stepping in cat puke usually happens first thing the morning and I really do want to call it a day at that point. Instead I wake up a teenage and tell him to clean it up or no-one eats breakfast.

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