I Shot the Sheriff . . .


. . . but I did not shoot the deputy.

Amazing the songs that come back into my life with my new XM Radio here in my office.


Ok . . I had to turn the channel when I started grooving to “Knowing You, Knowing Me” ~ ABBA.

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10 thoughts on “I Shot the Sheriff . . .”

  1. DAMMIT, LISA! Do yuo know how long I had I Shot the Sheriff in my head last night????? Dammit again! Now here it goes again!!!!:evil:

  2. Motley crue sang that Leanne, and Astro that is my favorite Abba song too…. but then again that is a bit like saying dermatophytes id my favorite type of toe nail fungus…..[where’s the vomit smily when you need it?]

  3. Geeze, and now driving around Heaven in the Back Seat came into my head. No clue where the hell that came from!

  4. XM??? You do know I’m on Sirius, right?

    I guess this is what happens when I stop visiting for a few months. Okay, more than a few months. 😳 But I’m back now.

  5. Cam! My long lost radio first 🙂 good to hear from you!

    So – – we fought for you to get syndicated … who do we need to talk to now to get you on XM???


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