I made it!


I made it!
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The three hour flight from Milwaukee to Houston was a nail biter the whole way. You know the kind of turbulance that lifts your ass a foot off your seat? Yep – I had three straight hours of that, with no let up.

But I’m here — all checked in and signed up for the conference and am rarin’ to go.

Since I arrived pretty early (yesterday) – I took the opportunity to hit the shopping malls in Austin. What kind of girl would I be if I didn’t, I ask? The weather here is GORGEOUS! Hmm.. Wisconsin, who?

Being down here ala carte (all by myself) and not knowing a SOUL in sight, this will make socializing a bit of a challenge. Slow but sure, I’m getting into that conference state of mind, though – – it’s kind of hard NOT to catch on to the friendly and easy going spirit down here in Austin this weekend.

Tomorrow is the BIG day – our panel starts at 3pm. Last minute homework to do tonight to prepare. I’ll let ya know how it goes!

5 thoughts on “I made it!”

  1. I’m glad you made it there. The turbulence didn’t help your flight fears one bit, I’m sure. I hope your panel went well, I’ve been thinkin’ of you.

    And, hey, looky! There’s a stranger that commented first on this post. ^:)^ Hi Astro!

  2. Hey Jeanette! Yeah, it’s been busy, busy, busy lately, but I have thought about stopping by your blog at least to see what you’ve got your hair stuck in now… :d

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