I Got Crabs


My friends, Carol and Kim and I used to do monthly crab night. All of us have been so busy lately – that it’s been almost a year since the last time we did it. Last night, we finally abandoned our individual callings that keep us busy and out of trouble and headed out to our favorite pub for the all you can eat king crab. The beer, bloody mary’s and melted butter were flowing freely all night long – – it was great fun!

My friend, Carol, finally found a job, after nearly 10 months of unemployment – – so there was something to clearly celebrate! She is a living testimony to the fact that you must have a healthy savings account in case of emergencies. I’ve been keeping in contact with her this whole time, of course – giving out references whenever I could and providing much needed moral support. It’s been difficult to her – and I made a few monetary offers to her, but she would never take me up on it. She’s proud and says she would never look for a hand out from anyone, in particular a friend. I understand her thinking – but after 10 months, while I never asked her specifically what she was living on – – I thought the offer of a loan wasn’t out of the question. She never accepted from me, or anyone – – and made it all work on her own, the stubborn bitch that she can sometimes be.

She starts her new job on Tuesday! What do you think – – send a pretty flower bouquet or a nice plant that will last longer (providing she waters it!)?

Kim is still in the same job she’s been in for the past 20 years. Following the election – she was pretty happy. Carol and I are republican – but Kim has been a life long Democrat. 6 years ago, when I first met her – we used to debate politics all the time . . and remained the best of friends even so. It has apparently been TOO long since her and I have taken the time to really talk about life – – when I walked into the pub, her first question was, “Hey girl! You have GOT to be thrilled with the way the elections turned out!” I said that I was – then gave her my sympathies about her loss – – that’s when she told me she abandoned her party and voted for Bush. I was shocked as hell – – but pleased as punch. So, needless to say, politics was the topic of conversation for most of the night, followed by work, family, friends, kids, etc..etc.

It was fun – we all parted ways at around 10pm with the promise that we have to get back into our monthly crab routine now that life has settled down a bit for each of us!

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13 thoughts on “I Got Crabs”

  1. I guess crabs are better than the craps, for sure. God, I hate having the craps.

    I do have a topic on my blog right now that I’d be interested in hearing your viewpoint on … won’t rape your ear this time, promise. 🙂

  2. I had to read this because I used to be in an organization whose motto was “Got Crabs?” Anyway, props to your friend on finding a job. I’ve been unemployed for 6 months since I graduated from college, so I know the feeling! Glad you had a great time though!

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