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We arrived home on Tuesday evening from absolutely Nowhere, Alabama. The lake house is gorgeous and we had a nice time relaxing all weekend long. And when I say relaxing – – I mean it. We were completely disconnected all weekend from Fri – Tuesday. No internet. No Phone. No cell phones.

It wasn’t intentional. The DSL company was supposed to hook up our internet on Friday. They also happen to be the phone company down there – – and they didn’t show up until Tuesday morning to do the hook ups. So we were without any way to connect to the internet, and without a land line. To top off everything, between all of us – we had 5 cell phones down there . . . none of them worked. No cell service for miles and miles down there.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve been totally disconnected like that. I hated it – – and I loved it. I was totally conflicted.

The place is seriously in the middle of nowhere. The closest store to us is a place called “Pop’s Landing” – where they sell live bait and Mac N’ Cheese right next to each other, just about. The people in that store say things like “Ya’ll come back, now” with an accent that is thick with southern drawl – – and slow as mollasses. It was nice, really – – just a different world for me.

We spent our days down there getting the house fixed up. It’s not a huge task – – the house is only 4 years old. But there were things that needed doing. We spent the rest of the time out on the boat, wakeboarding. And then fishing. And then out on the jetski. It was good fun in the sun.

We caught some decent fish. Crappies and cat fish, mostly. Well, Chris didn’t catch many at all. As for me – – I must have the magic fisherman’s thumb – because I would barely get my line in the water and I was pulling it out with the latest catch of the day. It reminded me of the days I would spend fishing with my Grandpa on the shores of the Mississippi – – and at a lake in Iowa called “Timer Lake”. Back then – we’d pull in cat fish and bullheads, for the most part.

Click the link below for some pictures of the house.

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  1. I took a similar plunge and purchased a boat this past week. 23′ SeaRay Cuddy. Also, leased some dock space on Lake George here in NY.

    Looking forward to the weekend:mrgreen:

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