Home Sick


Blah and double blah.

I am predictably home sick today. Wouldn’t be a bad thing if I were playing hookey and doing something fun, ya know? So I’m sitting here, in bed – with my laptop. Watching the fighting in Fallujah on FoxNews. Gotta love embedded reporters.

As long as I can remain upright – I’ve got a bit of work to do today. A couple of design projects to do. A new hosting client that came through this morning (thank you, Vickie – for the referral!). I’m going to have to think of a way to offer referral bonuses at Blogs About, I think. I’ll have to give it some thought on how to implement it, because I think people should be rewarded for spreading the good word around.

Yesterday and today, I have been guest posting over at Dean’s World – I’ve made a few posts over there and Dean hasn’t told me to get lost yet! I’m also being a really bad guest poster over at Daniel’s, while he’s away in Mexico. I haven’t posted there in two days! I have to think up something good to make up for it.

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