Home Depot, Chelle and Benadryl.


Today is the day!

I’m headed down to Atlanta for the weekend for software training. Before that fun begins, though (which really doesn’t start until Saturday) – Chris is taking me on a tour of Home Depots Corporate offices (woohoo – every girls dream), which is where he’s been spending all of his time, lately – slaving away for the big orange sign. After that, we’re headed down to Macon to have dinner with Chelle and Joe! I am SO looking forward to that!

Chelle – if you’re reading this – – baby, I’ve got your number! 😉 It’s programmed into my cell and I plan on giving you a ring on my ride down to the airport. Can you believe this? I can’t believe it. I’m bringing my digital cam, too!

But before any of that can take place – I have to finish packing over here. Ok – confession. I haven’t started. But, really – how much do I really have to pack for a weekend in Atlanta? I fly home on Sunday. The training is very casual – so a pair of jeans, some shorts – a few tops and my lip gloss should do it.

Oh. And, of course – the benadryl. I didnt’ get a chance to get my usual prescription for valium for this trip, so it’s going to have to be benadryl and a beer for breakfast once I get to the airprot – – it has the same effect. Oh, how I hate to fly….but oh how I love to travel! I’ve just learned how to deal with my fear of flying – – drug myself senseless…plug the iPod earphones into my ears before takeoff….put on Metallica’s Black album….turn the volume up as high as it will go and hold my breath all the way there.

Chelle, if I’m a little blue – don’t worry. Color generally returns to normal after a few hours. lol 😉

I probably won’t be around here for the weekend – – so all of you have a good one! For those hosting clients of mine – – I will check email once a day. Otherwise, you know how to contact me if it’s terribly urgent.

See you all on Monday!

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