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I‘m seriously too busy to be playing with my own blog. BUT! I needed some holiday cheer — the holiday spirit just doesn’t seem to be kicking in this year.

So, why not a little red and green to try and get things moving around here?

BTW . . it’s Tuesday. Seems like a nice day. If you don’t see me around . . if I don’t answer the phone, that’s cuz’ I’ve taken the day off – – from e v e r y t h i n g. It’s Christmas tree and cookie baking day.

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Something”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I love your Christmas blog design! It’s gorgeous — do you make your own Christmas cards — ha! I just wanted to please please beg you and anyone else to click on over and vote for Mom 2 Mom Connection in the Best Design category for the Weblog Awards! Yes, I have a great designer, right?

    Vote HERE!

    Hope you enjoy your day off!


  2. Hi Heather! I saw that you are a finalist for the awards. . that’s awesome. Of course, I’m pullin’ for ya, obviously. 😀

    Actually, when time permits, I do make my own Christmas cards. We have the greatest scrappbook/hobby shop here in town and I try to make them every year . . but time does not always allow.

    As for this year? I’ll be lucky if I get the tree up at this rate lol

    Good luck with the awards!(*)

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